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Apply for installment loan online

Installment loans are very popular among Polish consumers. In this case, repayment of the loan is cyclical through monthly installments. The installment amount is not a loan cost by itself, but it is very important for our home budget. Too high a monthly installment may endanger our liquidity. However, it is known that a low installment is associated with an extension of the loan repayment period, and thus – an increase in costs. so when setting the installment amount, choose the middle. There are two types of loan installments to choose from: equal and decreasing. We will introduce the second type a bit, which is definitely more beneficial for the borrower. The amount of decreasing installments decreases when the loan is repaid. Because the interest included in the installment is calculated from the outstanding capital. Installment loans are an ideal solution for people who want to pay back their loans gradually in reasonable installments.

Installment loans are one of the ways to quickly obtain funds for any purpose. You can apply for an installment loan online at At the bank, you have to take into account the higher demands on your financial standing. In the case of a loan company, the analysis of your financial possibilities will not be so restrictive. Loan repayment can be divided into monthly installments. Their appropriate amount will allow for timely repayment and at the same time maintain financial liquidity. You have to remember that taking a loan involves certain costs that the borrower must bear. So let’s know how you can calculate the cost of the loan. In this article, you will learn how to skillfully use installment loan offers.

Loan without BIK

Do people with a bad credit history in BIK have any chance of getting a loan? The answer is yes, but not at the bank. If you have recently been in arrears with your financial obligations and this information was sent to BIK, no bank will give you a loan. Bank analysts carefully scrutinize potential borrowers. Of course, they also check the BIK database. What can you do in this situation? Look for the appropriate loan company offer. Some of these companies openly inform that they do not check their clients in BIK. Therefore, a loan can be granted to people in debt who have problems with the timely payment of their financial obligations.

Loans and the Civil Code

The loan agreement is regulated in the provisions of the Civil Code. According to this act, the lender can be a bank, a loan company, credit unions, a business entity or a natural person. It is a prerequisite for the lender to be the owner of the money he wants to lend to the borrower. The issues as to whether the contract is in writing or whether the loan is subject to costs, etc. are agreed between the two parties. It should be remembered that the rules for granting loans by banks have slightly different rights. Banks are subject to the control of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Therefore, the rules for granting loans by banks are very similar to banks’ lending policy.

A loan – in a bank or in a loan company?

A loan - in a bank or in a loan company?

If you want to take out a loan, you are certainly wondering where to do it. Would you like to try it in a bank or maybe take advantage of the loan company’s offer? It is difficult to answer clearly where it is best to take out a loan. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons. The issue of choosing the right offer depends on many factors. If we care about low costs, we should use the bank’s offer in the case of installment loans. However, if we earn little and we are indebted, applying to the bank can be a waste of time. Then it is better to immediately try to send a loan application to a loan company. Of course, the situation is different in the case of payday loans, when we repay the whole amount in one go. But that’s a topic for another article.

Interest, commission and other costs

What costs should I take into account when taking a loan? We will have to pay for the loan both in the bank and in the loan company. First of all in the form of interest. They have the greatest impact on the total cost of the loan. How is the interest calculated? The interest results directly from the interest rate on the nominal loan. This interest rate is given on an annual basis. Its upper limit may not exceed four times the Lombard rate. Installment loans are repaid in monthly installments. One part of the installment consists of interest that we pay back up to a month. Subsequently, the amount of the cost of the loan is also influenced by the commission, margin and preparation fee.

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