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Good Finance credit restructuring service is available for those who use personal loans in line with the regulation on credit transactions and wish to re- install the loan in question for any reason.

This service, which is provided by the Bank to those in need of installment, is valid for all customers who meet the configuration requirements. Especially those who want to gain ease of payment with the new configuration can benefit from this service offered by Good Finance.

Good Finance credit products are actively used by many consumers. However, some financial problems occur after the use of credit, credit disruptions may occur.

As a result, non-paying installments or delayed debt amounts create negative credit records as they negatively affect the credit ratings of individuals. For this reason, those who do not want to experience similar problems and who want to maintain their financial lives regularly can take advantage of Good Finance credit restructuring and request a new payment plan.

How to Configure Good Finance Loan?

How to Configure Good Finance Loan?

Good Finance enables customers to pay their existing debts in installments by means of credit restructuring transactions and to make payments at new interest rates. The only process that customers need to do is to apply to Good Finance for loan restructuring.

Please note that the principal and bank’s interest rate and other charges will be added to your debt amount upon approval of the application. In order for Good Finance credit restructuring transactions to be carried out, you should go to a bank branch and contact the relevant department officer. Once you have declared your request, you are checked to see if you are eligible as a bank customer for the configuration.

Good Finance Consumer Loan Structuring


You can use Good Finance loan loan transfer product to close your loan debts and solve your financial problems with a new payment plan. One advantage of this product is that it is offered at appropriate interest rates.

If the current consumer loan interest rates are appropriate for you, you can apply via telephone banking on 0850 222 0 800 or at any Good Finance branch. This type of loan, which ensures that your current debts are made in one bank and with regular payments, is extended with maturities up to 48 months.

Moreover, the fact that it is offered at fixed interest rates without any difference in terms of maturity and disbursed without guarantor is also among the features of Good Finance consumer loan restructuring process.

Good Finance Vehicle Loan Configuration

If you are unable to pay your vehicle loan after a certain term because you think you may be able to pay it, you can apply to Good Finance vehicle loan configuration so that your credit rating will not be adversely affected. Following this request, the Bank will provide you with a fixed-rate, flexible or equal payment plan for the vehicle loan product.

If you agree with the maturities and rates, you can configure your vehicle loan debts by signing the new contract. Applications for Good Finance vehicle loans can usually be answered within 1 to 3 business days. Maturity options can be determined as a maximum of 48 months.

Good Finance Housing Loan Configuration

With the new regulations that came into force, the restructuring of the loan was allowed not only in consumer loan and auto loan products, but also in housing loans. With this restructuring process, which is also referred to as refinancing, you can apply to Good Finance for the re-installment of your existing housing loan debts.

With the application in question, you can get the opportunity to pay your existing housing loan debts under better conditions by using the variables such as maturity and interest rate.

Good Finance 72 Months Loan Structuring

Good Finance 72 Months Loan Structuring

Individuals who have difficulty in repaying their debt are able to install their existing debts up to 72 months. Borrowers who wish to take advantage of this loan product can go to any Good Finance branch and take advantage of the opportunity.

The prerequisites for the 72-month restructuring are the absence of any outstanding debt in the event of a previous installment, acceptance of the interest rates to be determined by the bank and the lender’s personal application.

In particular, consumers who should benefit from this type of credit; citizens who pay your loan installment amount with difficulty and customers who want to take advantage of this opportunity with the decrease in interest rates in the market.

Good Finance Does Not Loan Structuring

Many consumers who want to find a solution to the problem of loan payment before falling into legal proceedings apply for a Good Finance configuration product. However, there is no obligation for the bank to accept the application for easier management and payment by the consumer.

For this reason, it is possible to reject the application of individuals who complain that Good Finance does not make credit structuring for various reasons. In particular, financial institutions that do not wish to accept your debts to other banks by granting a new loan may reject your application because of a low credit rating or because you have fallen legally.

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