11 great games that will run on slow PCs


PC games are known to be home to monstrous platforms capable of running AAA games at 4k resolution and 60fps. But not everyone has access to a computer with these kinds of specifications. But gamers don’t need to get their hands on military-grade hardware to have fun playing PC games.

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There are plenty of games out there that will work great on a low-end or older desktop or laptop, either because they’re older themselves or because they just don’t have a lot of hardware. demanding graphic elements.

11 Back to Age of Empires II

Age of Empires City under siege

One of the best RTS games ever, Age of Empires II. First released in 1999, this game should have no problem running on almost all modern computers. The retro look of this game still holds today, with all of the units and environments detailed enough to be distinguishable, but with that muddled charm that comes with age.

Players with extremely slow computers may struggle with the perfect timing in seconds required for competitive play, but casual matches with friends or against the AI ​​won’t be a problem.

ten Team Fortress 2 is a beloved classic

Team Fortress 2 characters red team

Another dated game that makes a good choice for the slower computer is Valve’s FPS Team Fortress 2. This game is slightly more demanding than some of the other entries on the list but should be perfectly playable, especially at lower graphics settings.

It’s a timeless favorite for a reason, with different play modes and classes creating a relaxed, competitive experience with nearly endless replayability. Its free price makes it even more appealing to the budget gamer.

9 Try to survive in Don’t Starve

Don't starve the characters

This charming and quirky 2D survival game uses simple yet evocative strengths and is a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight option. It also has a number of DLCs to explore, which makes it a good investment.

There are few times in this game where quick action is required, so even a computer that occasionally stutters should perform just fine. However, the online version is much more demanding, so anyone with a very slow computer should stick to the single player mode.

8 Head to the original wilderness with Fallout

Fallout 1 Power Armor

The first game in the iconic series was first released in 1997, making it the oldest game on this list. It’s still a fun RPG, albeit definitely with dated gameplay. The real challenge with this game will not be whether a computer is powerful enough to run it, but rather whether the computer is in fact too new.

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The Steam version has a few occasional issues on Windows 10, but they are easily fixed. Once started, this game will play as well as when it was released.

7 Xenonauts is a great X-Com alternative

Map of Xenonauts shopping center

Turn-based games are always a good option for slower PCs, because even if they stutter or lose frames, gameplay is not significantly affected. Xenonauts is the spiritual successor of X-Com games, with a much more grounded and militaristic feel.

Players can fully customize their unit’s loadouts, and the models and environments are much simpler than in X-Com. Anyone interested in turn-based tactical games should give it a try.

6 Sort everything under the sun in Wilmot’s warehouse

wilmot's warehouse complete warehouse

This cute and relaxing game has a very simple look and makes very few demands on a PC. The player controls Wilmot, a warehouse worker tasked with sorting dozens of different items in a warehouse for quick recall by a receipt.

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The pace of the game oscillates between totally relaxed and short bursts of panicked frenzy. It becomes even more fun in multiplayer, where players can work together and hinder each other to complete their tasks.

5 Hand of Fate is a Roguelike Deckbuilding

hand of fate king of skulls

This unique roguelike / deckbuilding genre approach has the player engaging in a card game against a mysterious character. Each card game causes an event, often with a few choices or games of chance.

Every now and then the fight will start and the player will enter a 3D arena to take out bandits, skeletons or another enemy. The game is a few years old and not too demanding on the computer, yet a great fun experience.

4 Into The Breach is a great bite-size puzzle game

In the breccia desert map

Another turn-based game, this one done with pixel-art to make it even easier to deal with, Into the breach is something like a chess puzzle mixed with Pacific Rim. The player commands a squad of giant robots in a desperate battle against the Vek, huge alien bugs.

It’s a roguelike game but has some interesting mechanics around resetting, as each team is actually using a time travel device to escape when they would otherwise lose.

3 Minecraft is so popular for a reason

Anyone reading about video games already knows Minecraft, but it’s worth mentioning. It is quite possible to play Minecraft incredibly demanding on a PC, but the reverse is also true.

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By adjusting graphics settings, playing conservatively (which means no giant TNT gear), and / or installing certain graphics assist mods, Minecraft can be perfectly played on a slower computer.

2 The stillness of the wind is calm and peaceful

immobility of the wind farm

This game takes place on a small farm where old Talma maintains a simple farm, everyone else in her village having left for the big city. It’s a beautiful game about loss and life, and it’s ideal for anyone looking for a story-driven game that can be played even on a slow computer.

The game already has a slow pace, so any accidental performance glitches won’t cause too many huge issues.

1 Plan a new metro in a mini metro

mini metro trains

This fun little puzzle game is about building increasingly complicated metro systems to serve both real and fictional cities. The game has a pure and clean aesthetic that makes it super simple to render, and its minimalist gameplay is easy to follow.

It’s a great game to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time, making it ideal for playing on the go on a small laptop or similar. Playing it on a real train makes it even better.

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