15 best safe and free QR code generators online


Now that most brands and establishments are incorporating the use of QR codes to seamlessly display the information their customers need to transact with them, it’s important to know how secure they are.

Since data privacy is as important as gold in the mining world, knowing how secure the QR code is in terms of gen-origin is an important step any data-conscious person can take to protect the data they need. ‘she shares.

However, since there are hundreds of QR code generators available on the internet, finding the ones that are both safe and free can take you a while. Due to this tedious task, many brands and establishments search for items that many experts recommend for a list of the best safe and free QR code generators to try online.

And while they’re looking for one, this article reveals the 15 best safe and free online QR code generators that businesses and individuals can try to use in their marketing and transaction media.

Starting with the best of the best safe and free QR code generators, here are the 15 best safe and free QR code generators that you can try next.

15 best safe and free QR code generators online

1. QR Code generator QRTiger

What is QRTiger?

QRTiger is a feature-rich QR code generator that provides a wide range of QR code options. Users can continue to create QR codes without interruption through the site’s ad-free interface. Moreover, its user interface is professional, minimalist and simple to use, allowing users to use it without difficulty. We can see that QRTIGER is the best free QR code generator with logo in our list, it has the most professional features, minimal design and easy to use.

Businesses small and large can integrate QR code technology into their products and services while saving money for other purposes with its secure and cost-effective bundles.

The software’s QR code solutions provide users with a competitive advantage. It also allows them to personalize their QR codes and integrate their branding into them.

We like their personalized QR codes the most and features like social media QR code, file QR code, and menu QR codes. They also offer white label options.

2. LogoDesign.net

What is logo design?

Logodesign.net started out as a provider of logo design software for small-scale graphic designers and has since expanded to include QR codes for businesses. The QR code generator on LogoDesign.net uses a simple drop-down menu style to guide users through the steps of creating a QR code.

It provides URL, Text, Phone, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube as six basic QR code solutions. It also allows users to rename their QR code by choosing from a variety of design options.

While this QR code generator offers some basic QR code solutions and design options, it lacks some basic QR code functionality, such as the ability to include a call to action.

3. Aptika

What is Aptika?

Aptika, an identification solutions provider, has now added a free, secure QR code generator to their website.

With the widespread adoption of QR codes in today’s identification and presence systems, adding a QR code generator to their website is something they did in a timely manner. to help their customers modernize their identification systems.

The downside of this QR code generator is that it only provides basic conversions like URL and text as well as the ability to change the color of the QR code.

4. Ventipix

What is Ventipix?

Ventipix is ​​a secure and free QR code generator that allows users to create their own personalized QR codes using a simple interface.

This QR code generator is ideal for users who only need to generate QR codes quickly and easily without having to worry about other QR code functions.

The downside of this QR code generator is that it is only suitable for intermediate QR code users; It is not suitable for beginners learning to create QR codes, and you can only change the color of the QR code design.

5. FreeQRcode.net

What is FreeQRcode.net?

FreeQRcode.net is an online QR code generator that provides users with safe and free QR code generation services.

Although it is easy to use, there are three downsides to using the QR code generator. Among the downsides are the onsite ads, the QR code generator only offers three conversion options and no QR code customization options.

6. Logaster

What is Logaster?

Logaster is an online logo maker specializing in creating logos for small businesses looking to establish a brand identity in the industry.

With the growing popularity of QR codes, Logaster has added a QR code generator to its list of services.

Although it is simple to use, its software only allows you to convert URLs and text to QR codes; no customization is available and the QR code is displayed in black and white.

7. Identity

What is identity?

Edentity is a social media marketing focused QR code generator software that provides users with a safe and free way to generate QR codes for social media marketing.

This QR code generator offers all the fundamental QR code solutions that marketers can use and integrate into their marketing campaigns, such as URL, Text, Email, SMS and SMS integration. other social media profile links, all of which are essential to the growth of social media marketing. .

Although it is simple to use, users can only change the color and size of the QR code.

8. QRD.by

What is QRD.by?

Qrd.by is a QR code generator with a simple and straightforward user interface. Users can easily operate the software due to its simple and modern design.

However, the downside of this QR code generator is that it only offers a limited number of free QR code features, as well as no help or support, which is a crucial step to learn more about. QR codes and how to use them effectively in your campaigns.

9. QRStuff

What is QRStuff?

QRStuff is an online QR code generator with a simple and interactive user interface that allows you to create a QR code in a creation step format. It offers a number of free QR code solutions that you can use for personal and business purposes.

The disadvantages of this QR code generator include the requirement of a paid account in order to include your logo in the QR code, and its QR code generation features are mostly limited to the methods of embedding links, text and files.

10. MeQR

What is MeQR?

MeQR is an online QR code generator that provides free dynamic QR code generation for users who want to edit their QR code content. It offers a variety of QR code solutions that can be used by anyone to share files, links, and contact information.

However, as diverse as these QR code solutions are, its QR code output customization means you only have a limited number of frames, styles, and logos to choose from and integrate. Moreover, when a user scans a QR code generated with this QR code generator, specialized Google ads appear on the scanner screen before the contents of the QR code are revealed.

11. GoQR

What is GoQR?

GoQR is also a safe and free QR code generator that allows you to create QR codes quickly and easily. Its solutions, on the other hand, are limited.

On the bright side, GoQR’s interface is simple to use and encourages you to include it in your products. However, it has limited customization options and adding your logo and other data is difficult because you have to email the information to their developers.

12. Codigos.qr

What is Codigos.qr?

Codigos-qr.com is a Brazil-based QR code generator that includes features for Portuguese users to create their own QR codes. This QR code generator provides free QR code generation service with a limited number of QR code options. The problem is, it doesn’t provide a prompt to personalize the QR code. They are both crucial in increasing scan impressions. Some QR code users who use QR codes for business do not use this QR code creator due to its issues.

13. Counter-play

What is Counterset?

Counterset is an Australia-based QR code maker that specializes in creating QR codes for common QR code functions such as URLs, Text, SMS, WiFi, and Email. Its creation process is limited and design modification options are not available, as it only provides basic QR code generation functions.

14. QRExplore

What is QRExplore?

QRExplore is a QR code generator that supports bulk QR code generation for users who prefer to generate their QR codes in one go. This QR code generator only allows URL integration, limiting the experience of QR code users to generating QR code URLs. You can create your QR code in the color of your choice. However, unlike other QR code generators, it does not show a preview of your edited QR code design.

15. TEC-IT

What is TEC-IT?

TEC-IT is a standard QR code generator that only allows you to create black and white QR codes. Website URLs, Wi-Fi, text messages, V cards or electronic business cards and other QR code solutions are available. When it comes to its credibility in providing high quality QR codes, it has mostly lived up to expectations, but there are a few things that could be better. Overall, the QR code generator is useful for those users who only need to generate QR codes for personal use.


With the aforementioned list of the best safe and free QR code generators to use online, many businesses and individuals can now save more time in finding which QR code generator they need to install to create their QR codes safely. . A PDF QR code is a new feature that has gained popularity with most QR code generators.

To fully maximize the potential of QR codes to serve their purpose for people who scan them, it is recommended to use the safest and free first online QR code generator. By integrating its use, they will not have to worry about possible QR code generation errors and data leaks.

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