1937 Bugatti Type 57SC becomes outrageous 24k gold roadster and bagged hot rod

A Bugatti Type 57 with polished Lamborghini wheels, gold lug nuts and drilled brake discs? If that sounds outrageous, you better be prepared for an overload, as this is just a small detail taken from this virtual reinterpretation.

Fortunately for purists and classic car enthusiasts alike, here we are dealing with the latest work of art from a pixel master. Timothy Adry Emmanuel, the virtual artist behind the adry53douane social media account has decided that summer is not hot enough and we have to get our blood near boiling point with his new prospect “Hot-Rod-Gatti”.

The CGI expert declares his love (but not the greatest respect) for the pre-war Bugattis, and of course the most famous series of them is the Type 57 with its later variants (Atalante, The Car Black, etc.). So it made sense to try one of them. He specifically chose a 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC which was transformed into a Roadster infused with the classic “streamlined modern art deco and industrial design” after being thrown out the window from the top floor of the tallest building in the whole world.

Now the Bugatti Type 57SC is a French car with Hot Rod elements. Lots of them, plus some bling no one asked for in the form of 24k gold plating, of course. So the 57SC not only drops the top for a new look (I almost wrote “cleaner”), but also drops as close to the ground as possible thanks to an air suspension. The bagged result still dominates high in the air thanks to the massive blown V8 engine that hides behind the golden grille.

These Lambo badge wheels were lifted straight from a 2003 Murcielago for some reason. But does anyone even care to start trying to figure out the reasoning behind this outrageous piece of automotive art? Not really, probably. Although on a subliminal level I’d love to see someone try to replicate this in real life … social media needs a dose of (total) vintage craziness every now and then.

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