2D Metroidvania ‘Aeterna Noctis’ Receives New Trailer Highlighting Gorgeous Exploration and Combat Customization; New screenshots


Publisher and developer Aeternum Game Studios has uploaded a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Metroidvania 2D, Aeterna Noctis. This trailer mainly showcases one of the many notable Explorable Areas and several combative customization options with gems and weapons.

You can see this new gameplay trailer for Aeterna Noctis below:

Throughout this title, players will experience an evolving difficulty system that increases the challenge as the player grows and learns new skills. Plus, while there is a linear narrative, the exploration is quite the opposite, with 16 interconnected areas. Speed ​​and mobility are central to the overall experience as they encourage precision with platform and general movement.

The soundtrack consists of 46 songs, with a special soundtrack released after the game is released, including arrangements in piano collection form. Additionally, the art style has been meticulously crafted using traditional art methods to produce a vibrant and immersive world. The effort for the artwork certainly shows and is unmistakably a series of engaging shows.

You can see the officially revealed screenshots below:

Aeterna Noctis releases for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on December 15, 2021.

The game’s Steam page details what players can expect from the intricate intrigue and lore surrounding the chaos, creation, and struggles of the world.

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