7 contemporary Asian artists and their creative and unique NFTs

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: NFTs are everywhere. Here are seven contemporary Asian artists who are making waves with their unique and creative NFTs.

The craze for non-fungible tokens or NFTs has grown over the past year. Several artists, celebrities, sportspeople, and fashion houses have jumped on the NFT bandwagon and proven that blockchain-based technology can serve as a lucrative investment to maximize the sale of digital assets.

NFTs are digital assets, including music, videos, art, yachts, and even land. Among these, the prospect of digital art being commercialized in the form of NFTs has caught the attention of many visual artists and other big names.

Artists around the world are turning to the metaverse to showcase their works as digital assets. This is largely because digital art is considered highly valuable for its uniqueness and rarity. Additionally, due to the trend that started ever since digital artist Beeple sold his piece for US$69 million, these NFTs are helping artists grow both inside and outside of the world. digital domain.

Speaking of renowned works of art, Asian artists who have already carved out a space for themselves in the real world of animation, filming, photography, design and more have brought their own uniqueness into the world. digital space.

From unique pixelated GIFs and animated lego-like videos that evoke some of the deepest emotions to NFT magazine covers, these Asian artists will capture your imagination like no other with their creations.

7 Top Asian Artists and Their NFTs

Curry Sieong Tian

Originally from China, she aspires to mix East and West through the mediums of art and cinema. What keeps her relevant in such an evolving time in art is her drive to innovate as a visual artist, beyond 3D motion graphics and alternative storytelling styles.

Currently, the artist has three of his fantastic works on SuperRare. These are Sunyata – The Originator, Illuminate the Void and Supreme Pole-03.

THE IMITATION STONE 01-The Impurity of the Body, which is described as a digital series of “fake Chinese antiquity” by the artist, depicts “the irony of contemporary optical theatre” and sold for US$22,747 (6. 8 Ether; approx. 177241.21 HKD) in August 2021.

Takahiro Suganuma

Image credit: Takahiro Suganuma/Makersplace

With honorable mentions and awards in her kitten, Suganuma uses calm colors and soft, flowing lines in her digital works that evoke a sense of ease.

The Tokyo-based illustrator and artist’s works can be identified in advertising and publications, such as The world today, Royal College of Physicians and The architectural review.

Joining the trend to transform works of art into NFT, he presents his works on Makersplace. Some of his creations include Wait for a Hundred Years, Rainstorm, Green Man and Circulation.

Suganuma’s Flock of Sheep, based on Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s Adventures of a Sheep, was purchased for 650 USD (approximately 5064.70 HKD).

Victor Wang

Creator of the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) ink artwork, Victor Wong is a household name among contemporary artists as well as those drawn to NFT artwork. While creating Escapism 001 in 2019, Wong was assisted by the very first AI ink artist named Gemini.

Wong is the propagator of the TECH-iNK era, which started at INK NOW Taipei Art Expo in the same year. It is here that the artist unveiled Escapism 001 to visitors to the exhibition.

The Hong Kong-based artist is showcasing his NFT artworks and collaborations on the marketplace called Refinable where they can be purchased using Ethereum. Mahjong – The Dragons, Album of “Stormy Water? So What?” and Bench Over Troubled Water are some of his works currently on sale.

Among Wong’s major private collectors are HSBC and Samsung.

Abdul Hafiz Abdul Rahman

Known as graffiti artist Katun, Abdul Hafiz Abdul Rahman recently made headlines when he sold two of his NFT collections for 127.6 ETH, or around 1.6 million RM (about 2,966,488 HKD), in 24 time.

While Mystical Fruits is about “waiting for the fruits of our labor to blossom into something spectacular, sweet and rewarding, a mirror of our evolution into something extraordinary”, Apes Stand Strong – sold in 30 minutes – is to stay united in an unstable world.

AlJazeera quoted Katun in a 2021 report saying, “It’s very clear to see that, if done right, the money earned can really make a difference for any artist in Southeast Asia, because crypto is growing exponentially every day.”

Mounira Hamzah

Under the pseudonym Mumu The Stan, 32-year-old Munira is another up-and-coming Malaysian artist creating NFT art. She sold nearly 1,800 of them, including pixel art GIFs, digital paintings and other designs.
Hamzah is an ardent Linkin Park fan, so much so that the news of lead singer Chester Bennington’s death in 2017 devastated her and she fell into a depression.

After several therapy sessions and a few years later, she attended a concert by the band led by lead singer Mike Shinoda, where she “fell in love with their music all over again,” she said. malaysian mail in a 2021 interview.

Hamzah found an instant connection with other Shinoda fans, also known as Stans, and then created pixel art GIFs.

She opened her NFT account in May 2021 after being encouraged by Shinoda himself. He even bought one of his NFT artworks on Zora, an NFT marketplace, for RM7,400 (about HKD12,552).

She is currently working on creating artwork around mental health awareness.

Shavonne Wong

Singapore-based international fashion photographer, Shavonne Wong has launched a virtual modeling agency, named Gen V, with a team of five models. She decided to do this because she believes it will “help further digitize the fashion industry.”

Wong started as a self-taught photographer a decade ago and later worked with several clients such as Asia’s Next Top Model, Sephora and HBO. She is also one of the established artists with her work published in Vogue Germany, Marie-Claire Lower Gulf and Cleo Malaysia.

Entering the NFT arena, the artist trades on OpenSea and SuperRare, among other NFT platforms. Currently, I Am (Not) Zen is on sale, while his previous works include The Hug, Uplift, Glow and Suspense.

Wong’s website describes his NFT artwork as “virtual models that juxtapose realism and surrealism, placing the virtual models in scenes that cannot be achieved in real life.”

In collaboration with digital fashion house The Manufacturer, she created an NFT cover – The RenaiXance Rising – for Vogue Singapore’s September issue as part of the magazine’s overall theme, New Beginnings.

The magazine’s November 2021 Instagram post said the cover “explores the creative renaissance born of digital innovation with a dedicated issue of NFTs.”

Shin Oh

Shin Oh is a Malaysian Volumetric Pixel (Voxel) artist. The unique and modern aesthetic of his digital works makes empathy a strong human experience.

His NFT designs can be identified by their unique lego-like pieces created on plain backgrounds, as well as short videos themed around melancholy emotions of loneliness, isolation, loneliness and emptiness. While some of his works depict work-life imbalance and scenes of a hospital during the pandemic, others include characters bringing back memories of lost love and longing.

Among Oh’s works on sale are A Bowl of Comfort and Childhood Happiness.

Through her thoughtful portrayal of emotions and subtle animation, Oh hopes to inspire people to prioritize self-love while caring for others when viewing her work.

(Main and featured images credit: Shin Oh/Makersplace)

This article was first published on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

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