A brand new game is slated for release on the original Nintendo Game Boy


A brand new cartridge is in production for the handheld console starting in 1989, and it will surely be a must buy for those nostalgic for Nintendo.

The shapeshifter is a brand new adventure game that doesn’t make its way to the PS5 or Xbox Series X – and not even the Nintendo Switch – but the original Game Boy.

The venerable portable console went into production in 1989 and was finally discontinued in 2003, but that neither dulled nor blurred fans’ love affair with the magical monochrome machine.

That’s why the one-man game development company named Green Boy has continued to make games for the console, despite its age and rarity, and this latest creation will ship in July in the original cartridge format.

The story of the game will center on the character of Elliot, who is granted the power by an elf to transform into any animal he touches. Using this unique ability, he must try to save the elven world from the fate of an evil wizard. The eccentric vanity neatly features different levels of design, including navigating the sewers like a rat and swimming downstream like a fish; but be careful if you choose the wrong animal, as the turtles will have a hard time climbing steep steps.

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The cult project was funded through Kickstarter, which raised $ 72,000 (£ 52,000) from 897 supporters to make the dream come true. Fans who purchase the cartridge will get four hours of gameplay (with save points), an original soundtrack and animated pixel-art graphics, plus physical extras including a pocket guide, coin collection and a code wheel.

The shapeshifter is not the first of these labors of love from Green Boy Games; the company was also behind Where is my body, Micro doctor, and Lunar journey, all of which have been faithfully designed for the Game Boy. Showing a high degree of confidence in the upcoming new title, a named sequel Shapeshifter 2 has already been conceptualized.

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