AB InBev unveils its new logo | Marketing

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has unveiled a new visual brand identity that aims to reflect the brewer’s new global focus: “We dream big to create a future with more cheer.”

Global consultancy Prophet led the design of the world’s largest beer company, which counts Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois in its portfolio.

The multi-layered logo is triple: an image of three glasses clinking together in a “cheer” sound. The symbol, colored with the golden hue of beer, also appears in the form of barley leaves, a major ingredient in brewing. Finally, the symbol can also transform to look like a globe, a nod to the brand’s global reach.

The AB InBev wordmark has also been redesigned with modernized typography.

“As AB InBev moves beyond beer and mainstream, we wanted to create a corporate brand identity that could play a bigger role in the experience, communications landscape and expression of brand,” Prophet Chief Creative Officer Peter Dixon said in a press release. “We believe this new visual and verbal expression perfectly reflects AB InBev’s revitalized corporate brand and inspiring new global focus.”

AB InBev will roll out the new brand design consistently across the business, said Richard Oppy, global vice president, global brands at AB InBev. The logo aims to make people “think about a future with more innovation, a future with more sustainability, and ultimately a future with more happiness,” he added.

AB InBev took inspiration from other big companies like Coca-Cola, FedEx and P&G to better understand how they evolved their wordmarks. The brewer was also inspired by the iconic symbols of Nike and Amazon when designing the new logo.

While a visual rebrand might seem like a minor change, it goes way beyond the artwork, Oppy said.

“It can have a big impact because it [gives] goal now with a clear direction,” he added.

In December, CEO Michel Doukeris revealed AB InBev’s new global focus, which focuses on a consumer-driven strategy aimed at improving innovation and sustainability.

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