Apple has redesigned its Apple ID website, introducing a whole new look that’s much more modern and streamlined than the previous design used.

The Apple ID landing page has been updated with a new dot and Apple logo design, as well as information on how to use the Apple ID‌ website. The previous design was heavy on graphics, with a large banner featuring people using various Apple devices.

Apple ID website 2
Signing in to the ‌Apple ID‌ website presents all of the ‌Apple ID‌ management options available in a map-style view, along with navigation options on the left.

apple identification site 3
Card view offers information at a glance, such as your Apple ID‌, your notification email, whether you enabled two-factor authentication and the last time your password was updated . By clicking on the navigation options, you get more information such as your name, date of birth, accessible email addresses, list of devices, payment options, etc.

The whole website is simple, responsive, and easy to navigate, and it’s faster than the previous website. The new look is a big improvement over the previous design for those who need to manage their Apple IDs on the web. The new website design is available at

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