Avocado Shipper Introduces Brand Refresh

Calavo, a global avocado company and value-added fresh food provider, proudly launches a revamped corporate logo, slogan and brand personality to fully support Calavo’s One Company vision.

The new look and feel of the brand refresh is designed to signal an evolution of this legacy brand as Calavo looks to the future.

In 2021, Calavo embarked on a journey to analyze the personality and perception of its brand in the market. The company conducted extensive surveys with media publications, consumers and internal stakeholders to help inform the development of Calavo’s new brand vision, including an evolved logo design; updated slogan; and a complete overhaul of the company’s consumer and industry websites, as well as investor relations. The new branding elements are designed to evoke feelings of freshness and happiness while paying homage to Calavo’s successful past.

The new logo is accompanied by the new slogan: THE FAMILY OF fresh products, an evolution of the old company slogan emphasizing that Calavo is not only “a” family of fresh products, but “THE” family of fresh products . The logo and slogan design are registered with Calavo.

From left to right: Brian Kocher, Ron Araiza, Rob Wedin

Also featured is Calavo’s new primary color palette, comprised of fresh, vibrant greens, with yellow, blue, pink and orange as secondary colors, all curated to recognize the company’s heritage in the industry. agriculture while including a modern and playful touch. “Product marketers will notice lighter, more vibrant colors in our brand assets,” says Nelia Alamo, vice president of communications, who led the rebranding process. “We are excited to differentiate ourselves with our new branding and color palette, which will play well in new product labelling, social media campaigns and at the show.”

Calavo’s business structure will also benefit from the company’s new branding and “one-company initiative”, as Renaissance Food Group and its brand, Garden Highway, will be marketed under the Calavo name.

“Following the acquisition of Renaissance Food Group in 2011, Calavo saw an opportunity to synergize our businesses as we were already operating as one company,” said Brian Kocher, President and CEO. “We have united our leadership and operations teams, so it makes sense that we also speak to the industry as one brand voice.”

“We are thrilled to share our unique new brand with the industry,” said Ron Araiza, executive vice president of sales, Calavo Prepared. “Calavo continues to deliver on our brand promise of high quality, food safety and service to our valued partners and consumers, while the trusted Calavo name helps build relationships and drive sales.”

“I have been fortunate to witness Calavo grow during my tenure with the company,” said Rob Wedin, Executive Vice President of Sales, Calavo Grown. “Our brand refresh is another example of how we uphold our values ​​of innovation and strive to better serve our customers and the industry.”

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