Best games like Little Witch In The Woods

Little witch in the woods is about a young apprentice witch named Ellie. Players can explore a magical forest, interact with woodland animals, and gather ingredients. People learn what it’s like to be a pretty witch by turning ingredients into potions and casting spells while solving problems around the world. In addition to controlling Ellie, players can help and befriend townspeople.

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Little witch in the woods is a indie role-playing adventure game with 2D pixel art, quirky characters and wholesome dialogue. There are other woods and mystical worlds to explore, just in different games, especially if players enjoyed Little witch in the woods.


8 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an agricultural simulation RPG. In this pixel art game, players inherit a farm where they can grow crops, care for animals, cook, make clothes, and build a life. The city of Stardew Valley has a multitude of characters to interact with. Players can develop their relationship with these NPCs to receive gifts, unlock recipes, and find a romantic partner.

In addition to the farm, the game provides opportunities to explore the world around it. There are caves to mine, monsters to fight, and various places to fish. People can choose to spend hours on one aspect of this game and still have more to discover.

seven My time at Portia

My time at Portia is an open-world farming simulator. Players gather resources to restore a workshop where they can craft furniture and decorations, fulfill orders, and more. This RPG offers players the opportunity to befriend the townspeople of Portia, exchange gifts with them, and even go on dates.

In addition to crafting, players can do everything from growing crops and raising animals to mining and advancing their skill tree. There is so much to do in the pretty rural area of ​​Portia.

6 strange horticulture

strange horticulture is a puzzle game where people assume the role of a local plant shop owner. Players can explore and find new plants, grow their greenhouse and develop their encyclopedia. The story can even be influenced by the effects of a plant and how it is used on the characters, so be careful.

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This garden game also features strange occult elements to complete its sorcerer alchemist vibe. There is the option to speak with a coven or even join a cult. Players have the added benefit of having a pet cat they can pet.

5 Little wood

Little wood is a sandbox RPG game. Players explore Littlewood, surrounding areas, and other towns while building the town. Items can be found and collected to later be sold or crafted into something new.

The townspeople give the player quests that can improve their skill tree and expand the options for their small town. Depending on what the player focuses on while playing, they can master their hobbies, from catching bugs and trading to cooking.

4 Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is an indie medieval crafting RPG. In this sandbox-style game, players go through the entire potion-making process by hand, from picking herbs and crushing them in mortars to stoking the fires and boiling their concoctions. There are multiple ways to craft each potion as well as tips for producing higher quality versions.

Players control the flow of things in the Alchemy Shop. The plot evolves depending on which NPCs the players decide whether or not to help, creating moral dilemmas. Potions are customizable in appearance, from the shape and color of the bottle to the label.

3 Lawmage Academy

Lawmage Academy is a fantasy role-playing game. Players attend a magic school where they are taught how to cast spells, gather ingredients, and craft potions. These help them in their missions as they embark on exciting adventures and fight monsters.

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Along the way, people can befriend NPCs and develop their relationships with them. Players create a team of students to complete tasks with. It’s not just different team compositions to add variety to the game. Much of the plot is choice-based, which means there are multiple endings and paths to take, which gives the game a lot of replayability.

2 Haven of sunshine

Haven of sunshine is an indie role-playing adventure game. In it, players explore a medieval world while bringing prosperity back to the city of Sun Haven. People can build farms, interact with villagers, fight monsters, fish, cook, and more. Players can assume roles such as farmer, miner, warrior, craftsman, or mage.

Quests dealing with dragons, magic, and more guide players through their skill tree and help them progress through the world. The game allows multiplayer with up to eight people, so players can write their own stories together.

1 Wytchwood

In Wytchwood, players control an old woodland witch set in a fairy tale world. In this crafting adventure game, people explore the world and collect ingredients for potions or spells. Players can grow their own poisonous mushrooms and research curses to cast on unsuspecting characters. The fate of NPCs depends on the players.

Strange monsters roam to fight and there are a variety of puzzles to solve all over the world. The storybook art style of this game enhances the experience of discovering tall tales.

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