‘Beyond the Long Night’ adventure game releases demo


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Beyond the long night, a charming upcoming roguelike adventure game, has been announced to arrive on Kickstarter. To celebrate the announcement, independent developer Noisy Head Games posted a free demo of the game on itch.io.

Players can now fight, upgrade, and fight their way through Dark Mountain, an underground world of monsters, treasures, and motivating talking cows. The demo features a condensed version of the first area of ​​the game, as well as a small collection of characters, monsters, and upgrades to play with. Inspired by The bond of Isaacthe fight, The Outer Savages’ time loop and Subtitlethe dialogue of, Beyond the long night offers a unique blend of chaotic gameplay with a relaxing and whimsical atmosphere.

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Players can engage monsters in cartoonish and satisfying double-round shooting battles, with a leveling system that allows them to stack and combine multiple upgrades at once. The demo also includes a colorful collection of friendly NPCs to meet, including a flying man-band, motivating cows, and a sleepy security guard who doesn’t like confrontation. Beyond the long night It also features an 8-bit pixel art style as well as a haunting retro-inspired soundtrack that ranges from energetic to serene.

The main features include:

  • A charming solo adventure set in an underground world caught in a time loop.

  • Double stick shooter with upgrades and superpowers.

  • Riddles and secrets.

  • Randomly generated maps from individually handcrafted parts.

  • Permanent death.

  • The bunting has physics!

Noisy Head Games was founded by former technical sound designer Steve Hollis. He spent more than 5 years at Frontier Developments programming and designing audio and music systems on titles such as Underside of planet, Planet Zoo, and Jurassic World: Evolution, before starting the development of Beyond the long night early 2020. He created a large part of Beyond the long night himself, but benefited from the help of sound designers Ross Stack and Pablo Canas, who together have over 14 years of sound design experience.

Discover the free demo HERE and click HERE to be notified of the launch of the Kickstarter project!

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