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The story of Bitshares Labs Inc., or simply BLINC, is set against a backdrop of pine trees in Baguio City. In the heart of one of the country’s favorite summer destinations, a group of freelancers led by Jan Emmet M. Yngson, now President and CEO of BLINC, saw an opportunity to create a company that businesses can turn to to establish their online presence.

Globe Partner Network and Bitshares Labs

BLINC offers web design and development, app development, branding and online consulting to help businesses improve their digital footprint. Apart from that, they have also started offering blockchain-centric solutions for banking and foreign exchange. In simple terms, blockchain describes transactions made with cryptocurrency. It’s like your passbook in traditional banking, except it’s completely digital and shared between computer systems within the blockchain.

To further strengthen its grip on a growing opportunity, the company has decided to join the Globe Partner Network (GPN), a Globe Business partner program for technology companies that aims to accelerate business growth and create better business communities. ‘business. Through GPN, businesses can become an Accredited Business Partner or Referral Partner of Globe Business, where they can earn commissions on every successful sale or referral. In addition, they also have access to various Globe Business media and business networks.

Find out how this partnership has helped Bitshares Labs position itself strongly in its industry.

Unlocking opportunities in the blockchain

“There aren’t many developers building apps under the Bitshares blockchain,” says BLINC’s Executive Managing Director, Henry Banayat, when asked why they chose this particular platform. “We wanted to support the ecosystem because it contains all the fundamental things that every blockchain needs.”

One of BLINC’s main projects was an online platform that offered online sellers and customers a way to connect, communicate and identify certain parcel drop-off points in Baguio City. But since then, the company has shifted to online web development projects, helping individuals and groups through their digital transformation journey.

“We are also promoting play-to-win programs that would promote additional income for every family at least [be able to] put food on the table.

The global pandemic and the world’s sudden shift to online or remote working has given BLINC a silver lining in what could have been a much grimmer situation. “During the pandemic, [we really thought we would go under]until everyone started signing up wanting to be online.

Building credibility through a reliable partnership

Enter the Globe partner network. The new demand for online platforms has given BLINC new opportunities, but it has also presented a new problem: the need for connectivity. “If you’re selling online full time, you need a better connection. That’s where Globe Business comes in – to provide the connectivity,” shares CEO Jan Emmet Yngson. With Globe Partner Network, they were able to attract more customers and establish better connectivity, especially in the nearby region of La Union.

“We started with one of the restaurants in La Union, who contacted us. They were actually more interested in the website…but with our partnership with Globe Business, [they also got] a wired connection. [The partnership] clicked because we provide web development, while Globe Business provides reliable internet connection. This gave our client the opportunity to serve their customers online. Yngson explains that in addition to providing web connectivity and development, they were also able to teach their partner restaurants how to manage social media, which was part of the training they received from Globe Business.

“And everything is done online. That’s the beauty of it. Even during the pandemic, you can establish your business online with better connectivity and digital transformation service. We are able to achieve our goal of sustaining livelihoods.

Continue to grow in the digital market

In the context of a global pandemic, we see more and more small and medium-sized businesses entering the digital market. There is no shortage of talent and willingness to learn and adapt to what is rapidly becoming one of the most digital eras of our time. Banayat’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to stay confident “and take responsibility. That’s the only thing that would create an environment of trust.

And that environment, for Banayat and the rest of Bitshares Labs Inc., has only been enhanced by their partnership with Globe Partner Network. “[The trust] is in fact [there already]…by partnering with Globe Business. ”

Want to learn more about Bitshares Labs Inc.? You can contact the team via their website, Facebook or Twitter.

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