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ROGERS, Arche., December 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bold Strategies, Inc. and OrganiCare, LLC announced today that they have partnered to make OrganiCare personal care products available to more women across the United States and Canada. The partnership includes an end-to-end e-commerce strategy; a new educational site (; and a boost to company profile, products and content on, and other major retail sites.

BOLD Strategies and OrganiCare are teaming up to provide women with quick, easy and effective solutions to very private problems.

After an extensive bidding process, OrganiCare selected BOLD to implement new end-to-end e-commerce functionality including channel strategy, acquisition media, website design, management the retail market and more. “Among the agencies we considered, BOLD has given us a unique mix of capabilities,” OrganiCare CEO Caroline goodner noted. “We know their all-in-one approach to e-commerce will help us succeed in our mission of providing fast, discreet access to over-the-counter organic health products to those who need them. “

The initial objective of the partnership will be the development of OrganiCare FemiClear Brand. The brand offers homeopathic medicines for people with herpes and yeast infections. E-commerce is an important channel for these types of products as some people are still uncomfortable buying them in store. According to the CEO of BOLD Allan Peretz, “Buyers in these categories are looking online for quick, easy, and effective solutions to very private problems. E-commerce offers these buyers the opportunity to search for products with discretion and confidence. “

A key element of the new partnership includes a new e-commerce website jointly launched to provide an educational resource for buyers. “Finding information online is easy, but finding credible information can be difficult,” Goodner said. “Our new site provides clear, well-researched information and advice to put our clients on the path to relief.”

In the first half of 2021, OrganiCare closed a $ 8.5 million series A cycle designed to increase brand awareness and support new product launches in retail. “We are focused on changing the way women think about treating their health and improving access to our natural products nationwide through retail partners,” said Goodner. “I am excited about this recent increase and the support from our investors. The funding represents the conviction of FemiClear’s mission and offers science-based innovation to the market. “


OrganiCare, a business run by women, makes highly effective health products that contain only natural ingredients. Founded in 2016 at Austin, Texas, OrganiCare quickly became a leader in transforming the natural health products industry, setting a new benchmark in scientific rigor to prove the effectiveness of all of its products, a unique proposition in natural health care. . OrganiCare offers a range of award-winning products under the CUROXEN and FemiClear brands, which are distributed to numerous national and regional drug, mass, food and e-commerce retailers.


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