Chanel speaks out after mocking the advent calendar on TikTok

Chanel commented on the online buzz around its advent calendar after mocking the content which included a small pouch with the No.5 logo, stickers, a magnetic bookmark and a ceramic bracelet, among others. According to the fashion industry journal Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), which quoted Fashion President and Chanel President Bruno Pavlovsky, the brand did not expect negative comments. In fact, the Advent calendar was produced this year to mark the 100th anniversary of the Chanel No.5 perfume.

Pavlovksy described the controversy as “a bit of a shame” because it was not what the brand had expected as they believed the Advent calendar would appeal to some customers. This year’s advent calendar costs US $ 825 and started on December 5 instead of the first day of the month, a nod to Chanel # 5 perfume. It was also designed in the silhouette of the N ° 5 bottle.

“Count down to the holidays with this collector’s item of 27 boxes numbered 5 through 31, filled with mysterious delicacies and surprises. A piece to treasure for years to come,” Chanel said on her website.

Meanwhile, Chanel also apologized in a separate statement, saying the Advent calendar may have disappointed some consumers and explained that the calendar was only available for a limited time, WWD said. According to the brand, this makes it “a true collector’s item whose value cannot be summed up in the products it contains alone,” added WWD.

Chanel’s advent calendar was in the spotlight after an unboxing video from TikTok creator Elise Harmon. Harmon exclaimed “This must be a joke” when she opened a box to reveal a set of Chanel stickers. Soon after, she unwrapped a small bottle of hand cream which made her happy. In a separate video, Harmon started out feeling rather upbeat and unveiled giveaways such as a lipstick, magnet, and white scent ceramic to which she commented, “Uh, it’s just a squeeze- papers.”

Additionally, Harmon also alleged that Chanel’s TikTok account had blocked it, to which Chanel said this was “absolutely inaccurate” as it is not active on the platform. Chanel clarified that his TikTok account had never been activated, that no content had ever been published, and that he had no subscribers on the platform, WWD said. Therefore, the page appears blank.

The luxury brand explained that when Harmon visited their TikTok page, they naturally came across the message that the account was not accessible, just like other TikTok users, WWD added. Chanel also clarified that its pages are open to all consumers who are free to express their opinions, as long as they abide by the rules of conduct, WWD reported.

By the way, Chanel also currently has an OOH activation on Orchard Road in Singapore to celebrate the holiday season. The activation celebrates the Chanel No.5 perfume and requires consumers to scan a QR code on activation to receive a surprise that can be picked up in the Chanel store at ION Orchard.

Chanel will start working with Omnicom Media Group for global media tasks next January, parting ways with WPP after 21 years. The spokesperson for Chanel said he was particularly impressed by OMG’s strategic approach, its understanding of the brand and its ability to organize itself around its requirements.

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