Clockwork Aquario coming to PC and Xbox this summer


ININ Games today revealed that they will officially bring Mechanical Aquario on PC and Xbox consoles later this summer. After being brought back from extinction and produced in a modernized format, the game released for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 last month (with physical release for both consoles in a partnership with Strictly Limited Games). Now, PC and Xbox gamers will have the option to play the long-lost arcade title, however, no official release date has been confirmed yet. We also don’t know whether or not Strictly Limited will make a physical version for either platform during this second round of releases. For now, you can read it and check out the latest trailer released when it was originally released.

Credit: ININ Games

The arcade treasure long lost by the legendary Westone team has finally come to light after 30 years! In cooperation with Strictly Limited Games, the unfinished ROM of Mechanical Aquario was dug up and completed with input from the original developers. Beautiful pixel art was at the top of its class at the time and hasn’t lost any of its charm over the years. Jump and run through a colorful fantasy world, pick up and throw your enemies, hit several at the same time to get a multiplier and accumulate your best score! You can also play with up to two friends, will you collaborate to defeat Dr. Hangyo or try to sabotage yourself to get the highest score?

• The arcade classic is officially relaunched and sold out for the first time!
• Imaginative levels with stunning pixel graphics!
• Easy to learn, addictive side-scrolling action!
• Superb soundtrack from Westone legend Shinichi Sakamoto!
• Includes concept art gallery and other goodies!

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