Cody Rhodes Wants To Bring Back WWE Winged Eagle Championship Design

Over the years, WWE fans have seen many designs of the company’s top championship. From the modern WWE logo design, to the infamous rotating belt, to the Undisputed design and beyond, there has been good and bad. However, one design that is almost universally loved is known as the “Winged Eagle” belt. Held by Stone Cold, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan, it remains one of the most nostalgic designs in company history, and one that Cody Rhodes wants to bring back.

Cody Rhodes has a history with altering the appearance of belts

While speaking with Corey Graves on the “After The Bell” podcast, the topic of the WWE Championship came up. Potentially claiming that belt is something that brought Rhodes back to WWE. During his previous stint with the company, he was able to bring back a classic design for the Intercontinental Championship – and now hopes to do the same with the WWE Championship. Rhodes had the following to say about the WWE Championship and a potential overhaul.

“I think there’s a particular conception of the WWE Championship that people really like. I would say hypothetically it would really be something to fulfill the industry’s ultimate dream of being the best of the best ever. times in terms of timing and then maybe give it a fresh coat of paint with the winged eagle title It would just be something, that’s all I can really say.

Dealing with Seth Rollins comes first

Right now, Rhodes has to worry about a rematch with Seth Rollins before he dreams of becoming WWE Champion. They will face off at Backlash later this month, in a WrestleMania rematch. Beyond that, getting the WWE Championship will require a win over Roman Reigns, who currently holds the WWE and Universal Championships after a unification match at Wrestlemania 38.

Rhodes is set to become world champion again when he returns to WWE – with some believing it was written into his contract. There’s a chance he’ll win Money in The Bank later this year and claim the belt that way.

What’s your favorite WWE Championship design? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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