Dixel Club – The decentralized NFT platform to present

Seoul, South Korea, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today’s NFT market has been flooded with Ape and Punk-like collectibles, which are cool, but lack community input when it comes to relates to the final design.

What if we could directly shape the aesthetics of the collection? Do you have more community-driven digital collectibles that are directly created by people, not by a computer algorithm?

Launched by the Mint Club team, one of the Season 3 teams of Binance Labs’ incubation program, Dixel Club represents a milestone for its creators, as it promises to provide a creative environment for the NFT space. which is completely decentralized and allows the user to become the sole decision-making factor in the process, through the creation of pixel art on the blockchain.

Amazing testnet results

After launching its Beta Testnet phase, Dixel Club has recorded a series of impressive achievements, especially considering the state of the overall market. The Discord community registered over 6000 members and the enthusiasm was so high that users used the maximum number of tester tokens in twelve hours.

In figures, the consequences of the beta phase translate into more than 10,000 NFT Dixel Art created and more than 1.6 million pixels crushed.

What is the Dixel Club?

Dixel Club creates unprogrammed, user-generated pixel art NFT collectibles where participants earn $DIXEL rewards by generating NFTs. Compared to other NFT projects that have some degree of centralization, Dixel Club has no team members involved in the platform, making it 100% on-chain and decentralized, with the community being the only decision-making factor in the creative process. Pixel art. Team members derive no minting revenue or profit from the process, making Dixel Club a transparent platform, with the community’s interest at its heart.

User-generated NFT pixel art collectibles

In Dixel Club, users can draw on the 16 x 16 pixel art canvas to generate other Dixel art editions. Therefore, there are no predefined editions, so the goal of this NFT platform is to create NFT collectibles where each edition is generated by the community instead of a random script.

Dixel Club Pixel Saving

Each time people generate a new edition of Dixel art, the price of each pixel increases by about 0.1% after overwriting.

These compound pixels of the price determine the minting cost of the edition that the user creates. What’s even more interesting is that 10% of the strike cost paid by the creator is redistributed to people who have previously crushed the pixels. The remaining 90% will be reserved in a refundable contract to the owner of this edition and they can be refunded if they later choose to burn the NFT in exchange for tokens. This mechanism gives some instantaneous liquidity to the NFT, as well as a minimum valuation buffer, thus solving the pervasive problem of liquidity locked in the NFT space.

Additionally, this action can increase the rarity of a Dixel Art NFT collection as the non-fungible token is burned if the locked tokens are removed from the contract. The team describes this concept as “PixelFi” – the more users create, the higher the contribution rate can increase, leading to more DIXEL rewards every time people create new edits.

A spokesperson for the Dixel Club even claimed the following:

“This is the very first drawing platform to win!”

Thus, consolidating the idea that Dixel Cub is the first to implement this unique concept.

Mainnet Launch Schedule

The team will launch the mainnet version of Dixel Club at block height 15040000 (estimated – February 7, 2022, 06:02 UTC). A countdown will be created before the launch of the minting of the 1st edition Dixel Art. The estimated launch time may be flexible due to the state of the blockchain network, so please check the estimated countdown on the website – https://dixel.club/.

Biggest airdrops ever for BSC NFT communities

As the BSC network has amazing NFT communities, the team decided to organize a fun community airdrop of $DIXEL tokens, among the top users of the NFT platform on the BSC network.

1. Airdrop Eligibility

The beneficiaries of the airdrop will be those who have used the trading platforms: PancakeSwap NFT, AirNFT, BakerySwap NFT, Minted Vodka and Mint Club. Eligible trading pairs can be viewed via the following link:


The snapshot was taken from the start of each NFT contract to a block height of 14,747,777 (approximately January 28, 2022, 02:26:49 UTC). Any purchases after the snapshot time will NOT be considered.

2. How will the airdrop be distributed

The airdrop will be distributed considering a predefined threshold of 0.1 BNB for NFT spent and 1,000,000 MINT tokens for Mint Club spent. Dixel’s airdrop will be capped so that the maximum airdrop amount is no more than 300 times the lowest amount.

3. Eligible addresses

A total of 36,137 addresses from the NFT and Mint Club communities on the BSC networks mentioned above are eligible to claim the airdrop tokens.

You can view the full list of eligible addresses here:


4. Release period

The airdrop will begin at the same time as the 1st Edition Dixel Art strike (as described above). The parachute request page will close on March 31, 2022 at 15:00 UTC. For more details on how to claim your airdrop, stay tuned!


For more updates, please check the following channels:

Website – https://dixel.club/

Dixel Club Discord – https://discord.gg/Gk6ubNYkhk


Email – [email protected]

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