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(MECHANICSBURG, PA) – The Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center (BSC) NAVSUP Enterprise Web (NEW) team has released its 100th online business solution, the appointment registration and termination tool you, October 5.

The 100th release was a milestone for the NAVSUP BSC team who have been developing web solutions to improve NAVSUP Enterprise business processes since January 2005.

“Our team members are the reason for our success,” said Josh Starner, an inaugural team member who now serves as the NEW Supervisor at NAVSUP BSC. “We have a very flexible team that builds lasting relationships and uses the latest technology to provide personalized solutions to our mission partners. “

The team started with six employees and launched their first web-based solution, the Test Trouble / Incident Report (TTIR) tool in February 2006.

“The TTIR tool has allowed us to automate the bug reporting process for our internal products,” said Ryan Celesnik, a founding member of the team who now serves as NAVSUP’s deputy chief information officer. “Our goal was to adopt the web as a platform and to automate and consolidate the administrative tasks that were carried out in [Microsoft] Word or Access databases.

While the team initially focused on developing internal and external web portal sites, the team quickly adopted the use of web portal tools.

“In the beginning, we designed and coded everything from scratch using a single browser, limited developer tools, and no standards for responsive website design,” Starner said. “Today, we use modern browser frameworks and utilities to develop solutions that have a standardized look. This speeds up development time and the learning curve for our mission partners.

Once the value of web solutions was taken into account, the team and its scope grew. The team now consists of 17 information technology (IT) specialists, to which are added 13 subcontractors, and supports the development and maintenance of NAVSUP Enterprise websites, intranet portals, collaboration and mobile and web business solutions.

Over the past 16 years, the team has been called upon to fill critical gaps in supply chain, finance, purchasing, human resources and audit with innovative web solutions. They have developed tools such as e-SUPPO, which connects thousands of supply corps officers with job opportunities and Navy news at the push of a button; the Husbanding Support Portal, which provides essential data on supplier services at ports of call around the world; and the Hazardous Materials Management and Control Tool, which provides rapid data to accelerate decisions on hazardous materials requests.

In 2019, Laura Sedor, Subject Matter Expert for the NEW NAVSUP BSC Team, was named the Department of the Navy Cyberspace / Information Technology Personality of the Year 2019 for her work on the NAVSUP portal of the Navy. Office of the Inspector General (IG). . His work resulted in a web-based solution that fully automated GI inspection and remediation processes, eliminated excessive manual effort, and reduced administrative time by over 50%.

“We are successful because we are passionate about what we do,” Sedor said. “We love to help transform and improve business processes to create a better and more efficient environment for our mission partners. Seeing the success of our partners and the resulting impact on the NAVSUP business is a big part of what makes our work fulfilling.

In 2020, the team received the NAVSUP BSC Team of the Year award for delivering agile, customer-centric solutions supporting NAVSUP Enterprise and Navy. The team saved over $ 7.6 million, delivered 12 custom web solutions, maintained over 100 team collaboration spaces and web tools, and provided critical support to the Navy’s cloud efforts. Data Platform and NAVSUP Enterprise.

Their most recent solution, the Appointment Registration and Termination Tool, was developed to help meet Navy auditing and certification requirements by creating an environment for the creation, workflow and tracking of almost all NAVSUP Enterprise DD 577 forms and Controller Delegation of Authority (DOA) letters.

This tool provides essential functions that allow us to centralize all the information necessary to track the documentation required for the staff who certify funds for payment and approve funds for engagement, and will also facilitate the semi-annual certification requirements in the ‘company NAVSUP, “said Carly Baldwin, financial analyst, Budget and Operations Division of the NAVSUP program, who worked with the team to develop the tool. “This gives us the capabilities to track and maintain DD 577 forms and DOA letters across the company and will allow us to develop the critical reports needed to complete our semester certifications quickly and efficiently. “

Brian Zirbel, executive director of NAVSUP BSC, said he expects to see continued success from the team going forward.

“The release of the 100th Web Business Solution is a significant milestone for the team,” said Zirbel. “Their agile, responsive and customer-centric approach allows us to quickly deliver relevant IT capabilities that support the NAVSUP business, the Navy supply chain and the fighter. “

NAVSUP BSC provides information systems support to the Navy through the design, development and maintenance of systems in the functional areas of logistics, supply chain management, transportation, finance and of Accounting and is one of 11 commands under the Commander, NAVSUP.

For more information on NAVSUP BSC, visit https://www.navsup.navy.mil/public/navsup/bsc/.

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