East Durham Garden Center launches new signature plant at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

East Durham Garden Centre, part of the British Garden Centers family, launched its new signature Hydrangea Red Butterfly at the 2022 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Hydrangea Red Butterfly has a wonderful color and is named to celebrate the company’s recent logo refresh.

The Hydrangea Red Butterfly was released exclusively for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and will launch in the garden center later this year. The plant also supports the Greenfingers charity, as £10 from every plant sold at the show will be donated to the charity.

Hydrangeas are always a popular plant at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show as they look so beautiful at this time of year. British Garden Centers Plant Buyer Tom Cook sourced this plant for the group. He created many beautiful displays of hydrangeas in the floral marquee and even won a gold medal for them with his father.

Tom said: “Hydrangeas are a beautiful plant and have a lot of meaning behind them and for me personally. When searching for the perfect plant to launch as the band’s signature at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, a red hydrangea was the only option. It is linked to the symbolism of the passion of the group through the color and the name, which is the red butterfly.

In March 2022, Garden Centers UK launched their new logo design with a handcrafted butterfly sitting front and center and becoming the brand image. The new logo continues to represent the family group, and as the company continues to grow and evolve, the butterfly will perfectly represent the transformation and development the company is going through.

Speaking of the new logo, Boyd Douglas-Davies, Director of Public Relations and Communications, said: “Like our garden centres, butterflies are wonderfully unique and come in all shapes and sizes. Although they are all different, they are instantly recognizable as butterflies.

We feel the same about our 61 centers because they are unique and all designed to best serve their local community. Although they are all completely different, they have several characteristics that are instantly recognizable as British garden centers due to the wonderful staff, great plants and produce, exceptional value and delicious food and drink”.

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