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Eastward may share an editor with Stardew Valley, but is not as long as the hugely successful retro-inspired farming simulation of Chucklefish in 2018.

East John and Sam on the train platform

Freelance developer Pixpil and Sthe tardew valley Chucklefish editor released to the east September 16. The game is set in a dystopian future where toxic clouds have forced most of humanity to flee underground. The pixel-art RPG adventure follows expert miner John and a mysterious maiden named Sam as they explore the dangerous yet verdant world above.

So far, the game has received an overall positive reception from critics and fans alike, boasting an 85% on Metacritic and a very positive rating on Steam. However, not everyone has time to dive into a long game, no matter how good. So many wonder how long to the east takes to beat.

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How long is east?

The answer to this question will naturally vary considerably depending on the player. Fortunately for those with tight schedules, to the east is not a hundred hour epic that requires months of commitment. However, it’s also not a game players are going to hammer in an afternoon. Instead, he should take most players around 30-40 hours to complete a game of to the east. Many would agree that this is a reasonable length for a story-driven game, placing it in the same general stage as the classic JRPG. Tied to the earth.

Trailer park to the east

At least some of the concerns about running the game seem to stem from to the east share an editor with Valley of stars. Considering Valley of stars may take up to 200 hours for 100% completion, this seems to be a reasonable concern. However, the two games aim to provide a very different experience. Valley of stars draws its inspiration from the beginning Harvest moon agricultural sims. to the east meanwhile, draws inspiration from classic RPGs like the previous one Tied to the earth and 2D The Legend of Zelda Games.

That’s not to say Pixpil hasn’t brought its own twist to pixel-art RPGs. Of course, the game absolutely wears his influences on his sleeves, containing references to classic JRPGs that he spiritually pulls off. Yet the game has its own unique personality, which manifests itself in to the east original characters and works of art that capture his particularly cheerful approach to a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Besides, to the east is a bit more adult-oriented than something like THE Legend of Zelda, with the game’s Steam page showing a content disclaimer for humor and adult themes.

to the east 30 to 40 hours of play is also relatively dense. The game has a lot of dialogue and many reviews talk about its tense boss fights and many challenging puzzles. So while it might not be an insanely long game, to the east certainly seems to be using his time wisely.

to the east is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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