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Enterprise State Community College held a press conference on Oct. 15 to announce the addition of five new athletic programs and three new academic programs to the school.

New sports will include the addition of a women’s volleyball team, men’s and women’s golf teams, and men’s and women’s cross country teams. These new sports will also bring 50 new full sports scholarships. This will include eight scholarships for each golf team, 10 scholarships for each cross country team and 14 scholarships for the volleyball team. These scholarships represent the total allowance authorized for these sports. CCHS President Matt Rodgers also said baseball, softball and basketball are currently receiving full allowances.

“It’s about creating opportunities for our students,” Rodgers said. “Athletics is important to many communities and we recruit communities, not just individuals. “

Rodgers said the CCHS athletic programs will recruit everywhere, but they want to start with local athletes.

“We have a lot of great local athletes and we thought it would suit our already strong athletic programs,” said Rodgers.

The CCHS will begin these athletics in the 2022-2023 school year. Rodgers said the CCHS is currently accepting applications for coaches for each program and the school hopes to hire these coaches as soon as possible. Until then, CCHS basketball coach and athletic director Jeremaine Williams will take care of recruiting prospects.

The track and field program is also completing upgrades to the baseball / softball complex, which already has a new hitting facility. In addition, a new parking lot will be built as well as new toilets, booths and potentially a new press room.

In addition, the school is officially adding three new courses on the Enterprise and Ozark campuses. These courses will include hands-on nursing, digital media, and advanced composites. Nursing and digital media will be on the Enterprise campus and advanced composites will be on the Alabama Aviation College campus in Ozark.

The nursing program will eventually be a traditional program for potential students who wish to become an LPN, but it will begin as a program to help current medical assistants and paramedics become LPNs.

“This program will begin as a bridging program, exclusive to the CCHS,” said CCHS Nursing Coordinator Amy Phillips. “It will be a unique training opportunity to take a medical assistant or paramedic and link them to the IAA.”

This program starts in January and ESCC is currently accepting applications. Meanwhile, the traditional LPN program for everyone else will begin in the fall of 2022. The nursing program will have the benefit of having a brand new wing at Wallace Hall that will include ‘state of the art’ equipment and simulators. For the LPN program which should be completed in December.

The Digital Media program will earn a Fine Arts degree that will help students pursue careers in media including graphic design, digital animation, 3D visualization, interactive multimedia game design, music and sound design, video production, web design and photography.

“The digital media program enhances our already vibrant (fine arts) curriculum,” CCHS Director of Fine Arts Dr. Ken Thomas said. “The program will help meet the growing needs for graphic designers and other multimedia. “

The Advanced Composites Course on the Aviation College campus will help students who wish to enter the growing composites industry. Composites are the combination of two chemically and physically dissimilar materials that are combined to form a product that is stronger than the two individuals. Fiberglass is one of the greatest composite products. Sporting goods, boats, racing cars and even helicopter rotors are constructed from composite materials.

The Advanced Composites Course officially started at Alabama Aviation College on October 18, and the school is still accepting applications for new students.

“That demand is there,” said Stan Smith, principal of Alabama Aviation College. “The good thing about this program is that it is very flexible. It’s convenient – with 40 different projects over the course of two years – with flexible lab hours.

“You just have to sign up for the niche you want and enter. If you work at night and want to come during the day or if you work during the day and want to come at night, we will work with your schedule. “

Instructor Clint Johnson said the course is almost entirely hands-on, and potential students who don’t feel “book smart” shouldn’t be intimidated as almost all of the work will be done on construction projects.

The CCHS also received two new TRIO scholarships, which are aimed at low-income and disadvantaged students, both adults and high school students.

The school received $ 232,050 for an Educational Opportunities Center that will help provide opportunities for 850 adult participants – over the age of 19 – in Coffee, Dale, Geneva and Houston counties with campus offices. Ozark and Enterprise. This program will help with admission applications, financial aid, enrollment assistance, and the provision of resources which may include transportation assistance to and from classes.

“The program is geared toward mature students 19 years of age and older who wish to pursue post-secondary education,” said CCHS Dean of Students Kassie Mathis. “We also know that we have a lot of students who don’t finish high school and we want to help them get a high school diploma or GED and then make the transition to post-secondary education.

The college also received a TRIO grant of $ 277,375 for a talent search program to help orient low-income students to college. This grant will be focused on eighth to senior high school students in Daleville, Elbe, Enterprise, Geneva, County of Geneva, Samson, New Brockton and Zion Chapel.

Mathis said the program will help students with applications, financial aid, admission assistance, career inspiration, ACT preparation and college visits.

Rodgers stressed that all of these programs – both academic and athletic – and facility upgrades are aimed at creating these opportunities for the community.

“It’s all about providing opportunities,” Rodgers said. “An opportunity is an opportunity – whether academic, athletic or otherwise – and it can change not only the life of an individual but that of an entire family.

“It can change the trajectory of a family. It is not about what we want to offer, but what we have to offer.

You can find more information on applying for one of the new programs offered at Potential athletic recruits and their coaches can contact Williams or Rodgers about the possibility of obtaining a scholarship at [email protected] or [email protected]

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