Google reportedly put Pixel Fold on ice, and that can be a good thing

Editor’s opinion: From the start, Google threw its name in the foldable hat, researching the technology alongside all of the other big smartphone makers. But as Samsung, Motorola and others entered the market with early deals, Google’s have yet to materialize. A strategic move, perhaps, or just bad timing?

As early as May 2019, Google publicly stated that it had been experimenting with foldable display technology, and had been for some time. At the time, however, Google’s Pixel development manager said he hadn’t really identified a clear use case.

Over two years later, following several foldable launches from rival Samsung and a tough supply chain environment, Google may not be any closer to launching a foldable than it is. 2019.

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), says supply chain sources have told him that Google has decided not to release a foldable Pixel phone – at least not in 2021 and not in the first half of 2022 .

Sources said Google doesn’t believe the device will be as competitive as it should be. Additionally, Young pointed to previous rumors suggesting that the device was intended to ship with non-state-of-the-art camera sensors.

All things considered, it’s probably in Google’s best interest to put the Pixel Fold on ice a bit. Folders are still a very specialized category, and in this price range buyers expect cutting-edge hardware, not outdated cameras. It will also give Google’s Tensor processor some time to mature, give the Pixel 6 family more time in the market as Google’s flagship handset, and perhaps save time for global supply chains to recover. on foot.

Image credit Triyansh Gill, Mika Baumeister

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