January 6 committee dumps witnesses


Steve Bannon’s refusal to comply with a January 6 Special Committee subpoena overshadows the fact that other key witnesses are providing tons of evidence to investigators.

Why is this important: Four years of obstruction of investigations by the Trump administration has had a demoralizing effect on Democrats, leaving the impression that Congressional accountability is a pipe dream. The quiet compliance shows that a committee investigation is still feared – and carries some weight.

Driving the news: Rolling stone reported Sunday that two organizers of the pro-Trump rallies leading up to the Capitol insurgency told the committee they had discussed plans for the protests with House Republicans and Trump aides.

  • The report, although welcomed by some Democrats as a “smoking gun” and grounds for expulsion – does not allege that these Republicans were involved in a plot to attack the Capitol.
  • This indicates that the main players in the day’s events can cooperate and provide new information to the committee.

And they are not alone.

  • Jeffrey Clark, the former DOJ official who Trump sought to install as a loyalist attorney general to help overturn the election, is supposed to testify next week.
  • CNN reported Tuesday at least five former Trump administration officials have voluntarily spoken to the committee. A spokesperson for the committee did not respond to Axios’ request for comment.
  • A judge has scheduled oral argument in former President Trump’s trial to prevent the National Archives from turning over a first batch of documents to the committee. A decision is possible at the beginning of November.

Meanwhile, President Biden again denied Trump’s request to assert executive privilege over another batch of documents.

  • And the committee is preparing to issue further subpoenas for the testimony of witnesses this week, President Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) says Politico.

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