New Zelda-type Arietta of Spirits to release in August


Since game lovers everywhere recognize THE Legend of Zelda As one of the largest and most influential game franchises, it makes sense for independent developers to create games that attempt to capture the spirit of this series. A recently announced example bears the name of Ariette of spirits, an action-adventure game strongly inspired by A link to the past and others from top to bottom Zelda securities. Along with the reveal, developer Third Spirit Games revealed an August 20 release date for Ariette of spirits in addition to a trailer that gives a preview of what this new adventure has to offer.

Those who watch the trailer can easily identify the game’s similarities with the Zelda series, right down to grassy fields and jelly-like monsters. Zelda enthusiasts will also likely notice some elements that deviate from these games, such as a dodge that allows the player character to move quickly around the map. The trailer will likely impress at least some viewers thanks to the game’s smooth, crisp pixel art.

What to expect

According to the Steam page, the game’s story centers around protagonist Arietta, who visits her grandmother’s cabin a year after her death. Eventually, she discovers “a mysterious new friend” and begins to see “strange spirits that inhabit the island” in which the cabin is located. The Steam page promises “fascinating characters” and “deep knowledge” in addition to “reaction-based combat” and “easy-to-approach game mechanics.”

Those who currently want a new top-down Zelda can at least partially obtain their solution with Ariette of spirits, and the August 20 release date means gamers don’t have to wait long if they want to try out the game. The developers have released a free demo on Steam, so gamers have an easy way to see if the game is made for them.

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