OlliOlli World soundtrack revealed, sample playlist now available on Spotfiy (and it’s pretty good)

The indie skate series, OlliOlli, has always had a bigger impact than it first appears. From a seemingly straightforward pixel-art layout and absolutely deceptive 2D side-scrolling setup, which actually hides an incredibly deep set of gaming systems, to its embrace of the skate culture that’s perfectly in place, the series is just larger than life.

World OlliOlli, as we explored in depth a bit recently, is the next major evolution in the series and seeks to take it to new heights. But if visuals and reinvigorated art are one thing, what remains true is Roll7s commitment to the cultural uplift of skating, and in this case, it starts with the music of the game.

Recent Gold lever prices, part of the game’s soundtrack has been revealed, with a full official Spotify playlist ready to roll in your ears. It’s an eclectic instrumental chill-beat with tangents of drum and bass, chip-tune and more this and this peppered all over. And it is glorious.

“Music has always been a key part of the OlliOlli games because it is an integral part of the gameplay of the series,” says Simon Bennett (via press release), co-CEO of Roll7, who also announced the award for best audio. “We are delighted to share these captivating tunes created by exceptional independent musicians from around the world.”

Here are the artists revealed so far, along with their tracks appearing in the game:

  • Shimmer by Fardust
  • Arpes by Nikitich
  • Gardens cherished by Midflite
  • Panoramas by wood wire
  • Avalanche by Fardust, Azureskye
  • I can’t sleep by adam swim
  • Jumps and limits by Cotton claw
  • Not so much by Nikitich

What is missing, of course, are the tunes of this amazing local artist (hope you are listening, Roll7).

OlliOlli World is slated for release in the first quarter of 2022, so stay tuned for more about the game as it becomes available and give the two links above a whirlpool – they will each make your day better. Believe me.

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