Playism will release Momodora: Moonlit Farewell on PC

Playism has announced a publishing partnership for Momodora: Farewell to the Moonlight, the latest installment in the side-scrolling Momodora series set to release on PC (Steam). No exit window was given.

Developed by Bombservice, Moonlit Farewell takes place after Momodora III and functions as a “conclusion story” for the series. Noting that the most recent Momodora: Reverie in the Moonlight runs as a prequel to the main series, creator rdein states that Moonlit Farewell is designed to be as enjoyable as possible without prior knowledge of other series’ entries.

A trailer, description, and set of screenshots can be found below, via Playism. The official site is here.

Momodora: Farewell to the Moonlight is the last opus of the Momodora series and takes place five years after the events of Momodora III. Join Momo, the High Priestess of Koho Village, as she embarks on a divine mission to save her people from impending destruction at the hands of hordes of demons summoned by a malevolent ringer.


Momodora: Farewell to the Moonlight presents the story of the greatest calamity that befell the village of Koho, five years after the events of Momodora III. Once the toll of an ominous bell is heard, the village is soon threatened by an invasion of demons. The village matriarch sends Momo Reinol, their most able priestess, to investigate the bell and find the ringer responsible for summoning the demons. It is their hope that by finding the culprit, they can also ensure the safety of the village, and most importantly, the sacred tree of Lun, a source of life and healing for Koho…


  • Beautiful pixel art and animation
  • Action-packed gameplay focusing on melee combos, dodging enemy attacks and shooting arrows at enemies
  • The “Sigil” system, which allows for highly customizable play styles
  • Intense and heart-pounding boss fights
  • Deep exploration of a world rich in traditions and atmosphere
  • Freely adjustable difficulty levels, allowing you to relax and explore the fascinating world at your own pace or take on powerful enemies for a real challenge.

Developer Comments

Hello everyone! It is rdein, creator of Momodora series. Recently, my team and I announced the final episode of the series, “Farewell to the moonlight”. This is a final story, following the events of Momodora III. With this new tale, I also intend to close the book on many mysteries and questions from past games.

I am aware that many players are more familiar with Kaho’s story, which takes place in the distant past. As such, I conceive Farewell to the moonlight be as enjoyable as possible without prior knowledge of Momodora I to III stories. Additionally, the series has always been about action and minimal stories. So please don’t worry too much about “catching up”!

Finally, we hope to bring you our best game ever with this new title, using all the knowledge we’ve gained over the past ten years. So please don’t forget to head over to the Steam page and hit that wishlist button, and stay tuned for the Momodora: Farewell to the Moonlight!

Momodora: Farewell to the Moonlight

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