Pokémon fan makes Christmas Bulbasaur cross stitch

A Pokémon fan decides to celebrate the holidays by creating and sharing an adorable Christmas Bulbasaur cross stitch pattern.

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There are almost 900 different Pokémon in the Pokemon franchise at the time of writing, and each of them has a number for easy identification in the Pokedex. The Pokémon listed as number one is Bulbasaur, one of the first and most beloved pocket monsters created. Bulbasaur’s popularity and cute design have made it a favorite for costumes and custom designs, but a Pokemon fan recently created an adorable Bulbasaur holiday design for their cross stitch.

Bulbasaur, known as the Seed Pokemon, is the grass-type starter found in the Kanto region. Its design has two main features: a body that looks like a mix between a small monitor lizard and a large frog, and a large plant bulb positioned on the creature’s back like a turtle shell. The bulb gradually opens into a flower as the Pokémon evolves, which has inspired many artists to give Bulbasaur their own unique twist.


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Redditor Moomin1401 created a seasonal Bulbasaur design by replacing the bulb with a decorated Christmas tree growing from the Pokémon’s back. The artist gave Bulbasaur a big smile, then captured this cross-stitch image, which they would apparently give as a Christmas present. This isn’t the first time a Pokémon fan has created a seasonal variant of Bulbasaur, but it is perhaps one of the most festive.

Cross stitch is a form of count thread embroidery that has been around for a very long time and is now returning in popularity. The craftsman stretches a piece of fabric filled with small holes on a wooden or plastic frame to keep it taut and counts the stitches using a board. The result often looks like a work of pixel art, which is especially appropriate when creating video game fan art. Moomin1401’s decision to replace the Bulbasaur bulb with a Christmas tree was inspired by other fan art replacing the Bulbasaur bulb with a variety of plants, foods, or items.

At the time of writing, it appears other fans have warmly welcomed Moomin1401’s take on Bulbasaur. Several Bulbasaur fans praised the cross stitch pattern for its creativity and craftsmanship. One user even announced that finding this post was a sign that they should dedicate their time to learning cross stitch in 2022. Moomin1401 gave them some tips on learning the craft, but warned them that it was an expensive hobby. Several other users have also expressed a wish to learn cross stitch so that they can make their own Christmas Bulbasaurs. One Pokemon fan even nicknamed this variant of Bulbasaur “Baublesaur”, which is a clever name for a great design.

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