Shredder’s Revenge’ delivers a critical hit to your nostalgia

Turtles are back, baby. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is a modern take on the side-scrolling beat ’em up genre, following in the footsteps of the 1991 arcade classic turtles in time. In this sequel, the developer Tribute Games has taken all the best features of older games and has implemented a host of modern touches that make the game fun in 2022.

At PAX East 2022, publisher DotEmu and Tribute Games invited Reverse to try a preview version of The Shredder’s RevengeAnd it was an absolute treat. This nostalgic adventure will scratch a specific itch for many players, offering numerous reminders to the arcade games of the 90s.

What’s old is new

The best features in Revenge Shredder pop, thanks to the bright colors and varied palette. DotEmu

Most often, our memories of older games make them much better than they actually were. Sometimes these mechanisms and familiar features simply do not instantly. With TMNT: Shredder’s RevengeTribute Games aims to make an experience that feels like the old beat ’em ups, without all the technical limitations of the past.

The clearest examples of this are the art and animation game, which look absolutely beautiful. Of course, it retains the style pixel art beloved ago 30 years, but it is much more dynamic, with a greater variety of assets on the screen at any time. Things like busy streets full of cars, cracks in the walls and even reflections in the windows are the little things that may seem insignificant, but work together to evoke a more polished look. This is clearly illustrated with the color palette with lots of variation that makes everything on the screen pop.

Beyond this, there are the beautiful animation, which are exceptionally created, with a fluid approach that blew classic out of the water. You will notice this in the jump attacks and during simple walk animations. The best example of art and animation working together is during the boss battles, particularly when you stun your opponent by floating stars around her head. The bright colors and movement are so well executed in these segments, The Shredder’s Revenge a showcase for some of the best pixel art we’ve seen.

You want a pizza me?

Simple and accessible controls appeal to a wider audience. DotEmu

But what about the gameplay? Fortunately, the visuals are not the only thing that has received a lot of love. Even in our short demo with The Shredder’s Revengewe got to enjoy some of the new gameplay features that ease the frustrations of the past.

For example, elements such as health, come naturally in the form of pizza now down to each player, which means that there is no need to fight for who gets to heal this time. Another welcome addition is the ability to walk on a fallen teammate to revive, eliminating the need to wait long countdown timer. Although, if you can not do it for them, your allies revived after 10 seconds. Again, these seemingly small features add up to The Shredder’s Revenge a pleasure to play.

Just like the originals, The Shredder’s Revenge has a simple control system, enabling a wide variety of players to enjoy. Tribute Games wants children and inexperienced players, as well as experts from the beat’em up, can still play and play without having to learn complicated combos. This does not mean that the game seems too repetitive, because there are many moves to unlock and learn while you play. For example, the story mode offers a gentle progression, rewarding you with more powerful attacks like the ridiculous tornado Leonardo has wide distribution. The Shredder’s Revenge incorporates just enough progression to give you something to work on, without feeling overly complicated.

Better with a friend

Cooperation sofa and online play an important role, allowing up to four turtles to play with each other at any time. DotEmu

In The Shredder’s Revenge, You shall not take the only villains. With up co-op to four players online or locally, the four Turtles can team up to fight against crime and eat pizza. According Tribute Games CEO Jean-François Major, you’ll even be able to play locally and online simultaneously, giving you a lot of freedom to enjoy the game with your friends. For example, you and a friend can play together on the couch with two other online turtles. The multiplayer component is not very common in games like these, but a welcome addition.

Another great component is the game’s co-op progression system. A player who joins a host’s game will always progress towards their own save, which is a nice touch. For example, if you started a brand new game and join a player who is on stage five, you will still earn credits for completing that level (although you still need to progress through stages one through five). It’s yet another example of building on the classics in a meaningful way.

Finally, the Major says Reverse that some sort of cross-play functionality will be added, but that the team will “share more details closer to release”. It’s likely there will be cross-play within the same family, like the PS4 and PS5, but it’s unclear if it will expand beyond that.

Revenge Shredder: TMNT will launch for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC in summer 2022.

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