SINIS high performance program begins partnership with national sports federations

“We want to better understand how we can help NF prepare the best team in history to represent Solomon Islands at the 2023 Pacific Games.”

The Solomon Islands National Sports Institute (SINIS) High Performance Program begins its journey of partnering with National Federations (NFs) towards providing international standard requirements and improving sport in the country.

On Tuesday, December 21, more than thirty (30) representatives of federations took part in this informative partnership workshop, intended to enlighten the FN on strategic planning, preparation and support from a perspective of an efficient system.

The presentation also examined the process, compliance and governance policies required to access programs and services through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) framework.

NFs must ensure their compliance systems are compliant with their governing International Federations, the National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Olympic Committee (NOCSI), and must be in good standing to be eligible for a Memorandum of Understanding. for Performance Service Programs and Facilities.

With the MOU, National Federations, coaches and athletes will benefit from the high performance programs, services and facilities provided by SINIS High Performance.

The essential elements of the MOU will provide the following;

National federation

• Access to the training location
• Capacity building through STEP (certified sports education programs)
• Media and brand imprint, logo design, set up of the FB page
• Training places, meeting rooms and equipment
• Pathway to Podium grant funding – coaching expertise, international competitions
• NF Manual to improve governance and competition standards
• scholarship program
• Coaching Development and Education Certificate Program, Office
• Scholarship program (numbers awarded by sport)
• Performance services
• Wellness services

The Executive Director of SINIS High Performance underlined the importance of working together as partners.

“The High Performance Program and the National Federations are partners in providing the best support available to coaches and athletes in National Programs.

“We want to better understand how we can help NF prepare the best team in history to represent Solomon Islands at the 2023 Pacific Games.”

Triathlon Solomon Islands (TriSI) President Joe Ramosaea was impressed and excited with the presentation, and believes this is the way to go.

“I believe in this High Performance program. It empowers athletes, coaches and young people in general, creating a career path – to become elite professionals in sport, ”he said.

“From a triathlon perspective we have mostly young boys and girls and thanks to this program we are delighted to be a part of it, where I also believe our sport can also become number one in the country outside of the football through this high performance initiative. “

Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation (SIVF) President Morris Maitaki strongly supported the programs as a way forward for national team success.

“The opportunity to link our athletic development officers to the high performance program is an opportunity that we have been looking for. It is a way to continue their development and their education to make the sport grow. “

The process includes a review for compliance, once successful NFs sign a Memorandum of Understanding, make open nominations, conduct trials and select athletes, and then they can contact program performance managers directly with a list of athletes for a scholarship.

SINIS High Performance will initiate the approval process and set up onboarding programs and trainings in January 2022.

SINIS HP press release

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