Snow Angels Snowballs: Volunteer Snow Removal Services Across Canada

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Snow Angels – the London-designed online tool that connects volunteers with people who need to clear snow from their lanes, sidewalks and access steps – is being rolled out across the country.

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“All we want to do is connect (the volunteers with those who need them) and then they sort out the details,” said creator Lincoln McCardle, who some refer to as the Snow Archangel. “It really started in 2015, but it really started quite slowly. “

It then spread to other communities, such as Stratford and Barrie, and is available this winter to anyone with an address in Canada.

Seniors or people with disabilities can create a posting on the website describing their snow removal needs. Those who are ready to help can then see which house is closest to them that needs to be dug.

It all started, McCardle says, as “an experience of cuteness, which is kinda cute to say.”

It was also a way to shovel lots of white stuff without any kind of bureaucracy. Snow Angels is a sole proprietorship with no budget, although Forest City’s web design firm Simalam helped McCardle by creating the website as part of their mission to do good.

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The last time McCardle checked was two years ago, around 250 listings and nearly 400 volunteers in London were using the tool. He’s already heard from people in British Columbia and Nova Scotia who want to get involved this year.

“Do you know who loves her more?” High school students who need volunteer hours, ”McCardle said. “It’s a great opportunity because you can do it at your own pace. You don’t have to apply.

You also don’t necessarily need your own equipment. Those who create the posts will sometimes be able to provide their own shovel or snowblower to the volunteers who respond, McCardle said.

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