Spacewing War shooter announced for Switch

space war

Shoot’em up title Spacewing War is in the works for Light switch, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Pneuma Games announced today. A release is scheduled for June 8, 2022.

Spacewing War features 40 color schemes, seven levels, unlockable campaigns, secrets, and more. Additional details can be found in the preview below.

Invaders from the planet Mavros have descended on Earth to make it their new home, and it’s up to you to stop them! Spacewing War is a side-scrolling shooter inspired by the classics of the portable genre. Presented in a 4-tone pixel art style, this action-packed space adventure combines light sci-fi storytelling and deceptively simple mechanics with the depth of weapon juggling and tons of secrets to uncover.

Spacewing War features a wide variety of unique fire types, from simple blasters to boomerang projectiles, giving you the tools to tackle confusing stage obstacles and massive bosses. Customize your experience further with 40 color palettes, unlock campaigns as you progress, and discover unexpected twists as the interstellar story unfolds! Traverse star fields, cloudy skies, rugged tropical coastlines and more in the ultimate love letter to old-school handheld action games.

Main characteristics

  • Go through 7 levels of puzzles and retro shoot’em up action!
  • Customize your experience with 40 color palettes.
  • Find power-ups and juggle a wide variety of move types!
  • Unlock new campaigns as you progress.
  • Enjoy a charming and lighthearted sci-fi tale.
  • Discover the hidden secrets through the various stages!

Take a look at a Spacewing War trailer below.

Spacewing War will be sold on the Switch eShop for $6.99 / €6.99.

Source: Eastasiasoft PR

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