Steam Early Access ‘Plunder Panic’ Update Adds New Game Modes, Modify-Arrs & More Stages Coming


Get ready to flip those eye patches and battle with up to 12 players (locally or online) in this retro-style arcade beat-em-up that pits pixelated pirates against pirates in fast-paced, fast-paced matches. round. With enough weapons, items, modes and “modify-arrs” to fill the biggest treasure chest in the deep sea, Looting panic is the perfect game to cement friendships and foster rivalries!

With local and online play, work with your crew to loot loot, defeat the enemy captain, or scuttle their ship. The first team to capture an objective wins, so be on the lookout for other sneaky pirates!

Raise the Jolly Roger and dive into this mix of classic and modern games, where retro graphics and simple controls meet frantic, fast-paced arcade action. With multiple play modes, unique power-ups, and game-changing modifier buttons, there are hundreds of play combinations that will make you shiver! Plunder Panic offers flexible team setups, including local, online, and AI-controlled players. It’s time to gather your crew, put all hands on the deck, and send your scurvy opponents to Davey Jones’ locker!

The deckhands at Will Winn Games have worked tirelessly to improve, update, and keep things fresher than a barrel of hardtack since the game launched in September. Buccaneer brawlin updates have brought new game modes, new changes, and new support for macOS, including cross-platform play with Windows users!

And that’s not all… the team at Will Winn Games have been working under the bridges to prepare even more content to come, including two all new stages – we hope you like things spooky and frosty! These new stages will introduce dynamic environments and dangers, like floating platforms that disappear at the wrong time, which are sure to spice up future pirate battles. It will soon be even easier to meet your teammates when matchmaking also arrives in the coming weeks!

The last Looting panic updates include:

New game modes:

  • Rival crews: Prove that your crispy privateer crew are the kings of the seven seas with tournament-style battle in a best of format. Players can choose between a best of 3, 5, 7 or 9 rounds, with no limit on victory conditions!
  • Conquest: Choose from a selection of victory conditions and the first team to win – depending on the selections – can claim victory! But beware: victory conditions cannot be repeated, which means each crew will need unique victories to win the day.

Some of the newer Modify-Arrs include:

  • The dead man’s switch: When a pirate dies, a bundle of TNT seems to take revenge on its enemies – or become a handy tool for their continued domination
  • Burning man: Upon his death, a pirate will drop a Molotov cocktail, ensuring a flaming death to his enemies
  • Free rum!: A sip of rum before the battle certainly calms the nerves, but it also makes those sea legs a little more wobbly than usual – every pirate starts the match drunk like a skunk
  • Wrath of the gods: Each island will spawn an endless cursed idol, where lava rocks will never cease to appear. The Idol cannot be thrown into the water, but you can throw it at the enemy ship …
  • Poseidon’s revenge: In a classic Uno Reverse Card move, the Sea God has decided enough is enough and is changing the direction of the lava rocks – now to come outside water and soaring in the air
  • Low gravity: “We are whalers on the moon, We carry a harpoon, For there are no whales. So we tell great stories. And sing our whaling tune. – reduces gravity for a more floating firefight
  • High tide: You can’t control the vagaries of the sea – this mod-arr raises the water level beyond the bottom of each island, making it harder to avoid salty depths

All together, Looting panicThe different options offer hundreds of multiplayer game combinations. But that’s not all. The panic only gets worse when a multitude of chaotic weapons, enchanted items, and usable bonuses drop in matches. Pirates who loot can choose from a real bounty of weapons, classics like Blunderbuss, Molotov Cocktails, and Sticks of Dynamite, while items like Rum Barrels offer stat boosts and magical idols summon dangerous environmental attacks. HARK, you can even trap your opponents in nets or spray them with squid ink. Only the most scurvy dogs will prevail once the action is launched!

Looting panic is now available on Steam Early Access for $ 9.99.

Main characteristics:

  • Pirate brawlin‘- Fast-paced action-arcade gameplay with elements of platforming, combat and strategy play
  • Play with friends and enemies – Support for local and online play with up to 12 players (including AI). Players can invite friends over to their couch or connect online through private rooms. Online pairing with friends and foes will be added in a post-launch update.
  • Become the king of pirates – Multiple victory conditions provide pirate crews with different play strategies. Teams can coordinate to collect enough gold, sink an enemy ship with cannons or a TNT barque, or defeat the enemy captain.
  • Edit-arrs – Matches can be customized with up to six modifiers at a time, drastically changing the rules of the game. Random captains per turn? No captains at all? What about all the pirates with an endless pair of seagull wings? Anything and everything can happen!
  • Swords, explosives and… squid? – Chaotic objects that can be wielded by players can drop in a match at any time. From weapons such as the blunderbuss, molotov cocktails and dynamite to stat boosting rum barrels and enchanted idols; even the squid can be used as a weapon (the Kraken doesn’t like this, however).
  • The madness of multiplayerLooting panic will feature several exciting game modes coming in a post-launch update, including Free Play, Tournament, Conquest, Ranked and Unranked, and Captain vs. Captain 1v1
  • A visual treasure – A charming retro pixel-art aesthetic with adorable little pirates and beautiful themed arenas

Looting panic arrives on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC (Steam) in Q1 2022.

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