The best upgrades to use as Shana in 10 minutes ’til dawn

When you start 10 Minutes Till Dawn, flanne’s Lovecraftian pixel-art shooter, you’ll only have access to one character. Shana is a great starting character with average stats across the board and will give you a solid base to build on as you adapt to the difficulty level of the game.

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Its most notable trait is its unique passive perk, which allows you to reroll your upgrade pool once each time you level up. As a result, she’s by far the most flexible character in the game. While she can take advantage of any upgrade that suits you, not all options are created equal – and you’ll be grateful to have the extra chance to roll up your favorites.


8 Vitality: take your health to the next level

A good rule of thumb is if you see Vitality early in the game, take it. This rare upgrade will provide a permanent extra heart without any conditions, increasing Shana’s total health to four solid hearts. With any hit taking a full heart and very few healing options, the extra bit of defense will go a long way towards ensuring your survival.

While you can upgrade Vitality further, trading your movement speed for even more hearts and even a very slow passive regeneration, the base upgrade is perfectly suited to provide a foundation for your build.

seven Fast hands: keep your reloads going

Quick Hands is a useful upgrade that will allow you to live out your gunslinger fantasy with a steady increase in your reload speed. Although reload speeds vary between the four weapons within 10 minutes until dawn, the option of a faster reload is always welcome.

Not only will this reduce the dwell time between your shots, making it harder for enemies to get close to you, but it will also make it easier to use certain skills that trigger on every reload. A great option to try is Fan Fire, which will spray bullets around you in a circle each time you reload.

6 Haste: Accelerate and surprise your enemies

Haste will provide an even increase to your movement speed, which is incredibly valuable for dodging the eldritch hordes in 10 Minutes Till Dawn. Especially when things heat up towards the end of your run and you find yourself weaving between dozens of enemies to stay alive, while maintaining your damage.

Investing more in this upgrade tree will grant you other abilities like Run and Gun, allowing you to move faster while shooting, or In The Wind, which will give you bonus damage the longer you can avoid damage . If you value the mobility of your shooters, this upgrade path is well worth your time.

5 Rapid Fire: Turn any weapon into a Machine Gun

Offering a 25% increase to your rate of fire, Rapid Fire is a great early game option for any weapon except the crossbow. Faster shots mean more damage, giving you a head start on the waves of enemies that come your way.

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Rapid Fire also interacts well with elemental upgrades. This is especially true for Lightning, which fires automatically after a certain number of shots. The combination of these two will turn you into an electric storm that clears the screen, absolutely demolishing your enemies with a constant barrage of electricity.

4 Holy Shield: Keep enemies off your back

Holy Shield will create a bubble around your character that absorbs a hit and knocks enemies back to give you a chance to recover. It also automatically regenerates every two minutes, making it great for longer runs provided you can stay alive long enough without it.

A full upgrade will provide additional benefits while your shield is up, such as increased movement speed and fire rate, or random lightning strikes around the screen. What’s more, you can even halve this regeneration period, meaning you’ll be able to access this trusty barrier just one minute after being hit.

3 Light bullets: eliminate your enemies at the speed of light

Light bullets will provide a boost to projectile speed, making them a natural choice for builds involving Rapid Fire and Quick Hands. Since you and your enemies will likely be in constant motion, reducing the time it takes for your projectiles to reach their destination is a game-changer, especially on slower weapons like the Flame Cannon.

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Light bullets will also provide a nice bonus in the form of an extra shot added to your max capacity, meaning you can shoot non-stop for a bit longer. Paired with the Shotgun or Crossbow, this is a significant increase over the default clip size, and can go a long way in unlocking the full potential of these weapons.

2 Power Shot: deadlier shots that keep enemies at arm’s length

Providing a buff to your bullet damage and adding more knockback to shots that hit enemies, this upgrade is essential for crowd control. While Power Shot is handy on weapons like the revolver or crossbow, it really shines when using the shotgun as you’ll be able to smash your way through your enemies and clear space for movement. more free.

It’s also worth noting that Power Shot will unlock Splinter as another upgrade option, a passive ability that turns enemies into pinata balls on death. There are few things more satisfying than the chain reaction that occurs after killing an enemy and watching them explode in a deadly cascade of bullets that decimates all around them.

1 Double hit: Spread love (or bullets)

This upgrade does exactly what it says on the label, doubling the number of bullets with each shot at the cost of a slight reduction in overall damage. Although initially powerful, by the end of your run the number of bullets you’ll fire will border on the absurd.

Not only can Double Shot be upgraded to Fusillade, quadrupling your initial production instead, but you can also invest in one of the cursed tomes dropped by the second boss, increasing your spread even further. Pair that with Rapid Fire and a handful of your clip-size buffs, and you’ve got a veritable bullet pipe in your hands – one that will shred enemies before they even have a chance to get close. .

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