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A 2020 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and media, Vivien Hau didn’t have to look far to find her first job after graduating from university. After joining UNLV Integrated Marketing & Branding in the second year, she continued with the full-time Web and Digital Strategy team after the start.

Originally from Las Vegan, Hau oversees the department’s credential directory database to ensure all information is accurate, accessible, and meets accreditation requirements. She also plays a mean piano when it comes to tickling ivories and playing video game music.

How did you choose the UNLV when looking for schools?

Most of my cousins ​​graduated from UNLV and I have heard of their study experiences here. I thought it would be convenient and affordable for me and my family if I stayed in Vegas, so I thought it was a good choice to go with UNLV.

What class has really helped you get on your way?

Design Media Studio III with JungYun Son. The course focused on creating a brand identity for a fictitious business (mine was for a non-profit animal shelter organization). I’ve learned so much about the branding process, from logo and graphics to product packaging and website design.

What made you want to work at UNLV after graduation?

Working here gave me the opportunity to learn more about website design and development. It fits with my career goals and my growth as a professional. I am fortunate to work with a great team, so I want to play a bigger role in the constant improvement of the UNLV website.

What do you want to work towards in your career?

I would like to know more about accessibility, user interface and user experience design. I carried out my synthesis project on Web accessibility awareness and I realize the importance of it. The UNLV website is a reflection of the UNLV and all that it stands for. By making sure our website is accessible, we can provide a better user experience for everyone.

You are called to participate in a talent competition next week: what are you doing on stage?

Either by playing the violin or the piano. I did orchestra throughout college, then learned and played piano in high school for four years. I’m a video game enthusiast and anime watcher so I would probably play songs from my favorite show or game.

What was the biggest surprise about making the transition to a UNLV employee after being a student?

The biggest surprise was when faculty members and clients emailed me congratulating me on transitioning to a full time employee. They recognized me for my work ethic as a hardworking student and expressed their gratitude and appreciation to me. It was very welcoming to see everyone, especially the web team, stand together.

It’s almost Halloween. What’s your favorite horror movie?

I am easily scared of jumping fears, so I rarely watch horror movies. However, I have a few favorites like Japanese movie Confession, korean zombie movie Train to Busan, and Get out. I love the psychological thriller elements of the storytelling and the character development.

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