Toei to Produce Zombie Zoo Anime Based on 9-Year-Old NFT Art Collection – Up News Info

Toei-Animation The States Project is the first to create anime franchises based on NFT artwork

Toei-Animation announced on Tuesday that it will be producing an anime based on the NFT art collection of nine-year-old boy artist “Zombie Zoo Keeper.” Toei-Animation plans to “unveil” the project this spring.

Zombie Zoo Keeper created art collection zombie zoo as a research project during her summer vacation last year. With the help of his mother, artist Emi Kusano, he started selling pixel art under the name NFT (Non-Fungible Token), and celebrities such as Steve Aoki bought the NFT artwork. Since January 24, Zombie Zoo Keeper has created 209 pieces of pixel art and made them available on the OpenSea NFT Market. It was later selected to the “2021 Forbes JAPAN 100” list, and Toei-Animation stated that he had quickly “become the face of the ‘NFT art scene’ in Japan”.

Toei-Animation said that although he has “brought a lot of children’s animation into the hands of adult creators”, this time “the main creator of this project is the children themselves”. The company added that it “started this project because we wanted to support and create animation that reflects children’s creativity as it is”.

Toei-Animation said it’s the first project in a plan to expand its NFT initiatives that “[partner] with creators to develop animation franchises based on NFT artwork.”

Sources: Toei Animation (link 2), Comic Natalie

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