Uniqlo’s Final Fantasy clothing line leaked

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has accidentally leaked an upcoming Final Fantasy clothing line.

Although not officially announced, the series of t-shirts appeared on the company’s Vietnamese site before being quickly taken down, as noticed by Kakucho Purei.

The collection includes 16 unique shirts, one for each mainline game in the series and the upcoming Final Fantasy 16, created to celebrate Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary this year.

Final Fantasy Uniqlo Line

There’s no real consistency across the collection, with some featuring modern artwork, others featuring logos, and those based on older titles showing pixel art from games.

A price tag has not been revealed, but Uniqlo’s series of Pokémon t-shirts retail for $19.90 for adults and $14.90 for children.

Given that half of the Final Fantasy series was released before today’s children were born, it’s likely that this collection will only be available to adults, and the (accidentally) advert released so far doesn’t is certainly modeled only by adults.

Devoted fans will likely scan the Final Fantasy 16 t-shirt for clues about the currently unreleased game, but the image doesn’t appear to reveal anything new.

An official announcement regarding the game is expected soon, however, as producer Naoki Yoshida said in December that a big reveal was planned for spring 2022.

Final Fantasy 16 currently doesn’t have an official release date, but it would certainly make sense for developer Square Enix to release it to celebrate the 35th anniversary, despite the game being delayed by “almost six months” due to COVID-19. 19.

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