Video shows what Outlast would look like as a PS1 game

Pixelated horror is a tried and tested subgenre in gaming, and this new video gives a taste of what something like Outlast would look like 20 years ago.

A PS1-style image showing Outlast's night vision visuals in pixelated form.

Red Barrels is currently working on the next installment of the frighteningly disturbing Survive to series. As one of the scariest video games ever made, the original 2013 release set the bar high for the horror genre, giving players one of the most terrifying experiences in recent gaming history. Much of the terror comes from the visuals, with its night-vision camera mode, blood-splattered hallways and oppressive darkness, but a new video shows what the game might have looked like had it been released on the PlayStation 4. origin with much more blocking graphics. .


In the YouTube video, the Rustic Games BR mod team showed a small section of the first Survive to game in a more pixelated format. The brief clip shows the player moving slowly through a number of rooms, viewing everything through his famous camera lens. It captures the retro look of an old horror game, taking the opening moments of the story and seeing whether or not it might retain some of its originally intended terror. The result is surprisingly emotional.

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Even in this era of modern graphical fidelity, with an industry eager to move forward with technology, there is room in the gaming sphere for all manner of pixelated video games and pixel art, and that includes gaming. ‘horror. Even with the visuals set back a few decades, this PS1-style version of Survive to still manages to be somewhat creepy, especially towards the end of the video in which the player can see one of the violent antagonists before the clip fades to black.

It’s also not the first time the team has created something like this. Rustic Games is known for reinventing modern releases into retro titles. Just recently modders released a video showing what dead space would look like an undone PS1 game, which incorporates tank controls and fixed camera angles more suited to early resident Evil entries. Unfortunately, as with other projects, this Survive to demake is probably just a visual demonstration, and the team is unlikely to release a public version of it.

With Survive the trials due out this year, fans of the series will get another chance to scare each other. While the original game’s pixelated video is an interesting experiment in turning the horror into something retro, it doesn’t quite hold up to the original. Although the new game is said to focus more on multiplayer, there’s still a chance it could get as terrifying as the previous games.

Survive the trials is still in development and is expected to release in 2022.

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