Which new Apple Watch face do you prefer?

Apple used WWDC 2022 to announce its next watchOS iteration – watchOS 9. Along with a slew of updates primarily focused on fitness and health, there are a bunch of new face designs and some revamped existing ones (check out the whole collection above).

Not to mention the ever-so-serious fitness updates, but we’re mainly here for the new aesthetic – so you can check out the new face options in more detail below, and then we’ll talk about how the watch will look. make you healthier (we promise). Don’t have an Apple Watch yet? Get one of the best Apple Watch deals right now.

Apple Watch Lunar face design

Lunar (Image credit: Apple)

It’s Lunar (above). Sleek and shiny, it apparently mirrors the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar.

Apple Metropolitan watch face design

Metropolitan (Image credit: Apple)

Metropolitan changes style when the Digital Crown is turned. The weight and style of the numbers are changeable, and the colors are also customizable.

Apple watch face design

Break (Image credit: Apple)

Next up is Playtime, which was made in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton (opens in a new tab). It’s a fun and dynamic design, with a changing background and animated characters.

Astronomy Apple Watch face design

Astronomy (Image credit: Apple)

Finally, there’s Astronomy – a remastered version of the previous Astronomy face, and our favorite. We love how you can fast forward to see the moon phase and planet location on different days. It also includes a star map and cloud data, relying on your location data.

Apple WatchOS 9

A plethora of health and fitness updates (Image credit: Apple)

In terms of health and fitness tracking, it feels a bit like Apple is catching up with other more specialized watches, but perhaps that’s to be expected. The new watchOS has improved metrics and alerts for workouts, including those specific to running, swimming, and triathlons. Your sleep will be monitored more closely than before, using data pulled from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor, and you will be able to track your sleep stages.

And on top of that, there’s a whole plethora of medication-based trackers, letting you let your Apple Watch take care of your medication schedule and even check for medications that may be interacting badly.

But really, we’re mostly here for those gorgeous watch faces. Which is your favourite?

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