Wild Light: Darkest Isles Release Date and Trailer

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Souls pixel-art rogue-lite games have become quite common these days. Ever since Dark Souls came along and made everyone realize that hitting your head with a brick can be fun, it seems a lot of game developers agree. Wild Light: Darkest Isles is an upcoming rogue-lite that hopes to set itself apart by adding survival elements to the standard sound gameplay.

If you’re dying to see how this particular genre mashup unleashes, you don’t have that long to wait. We’ve gathered all the important information about the game’s release so it’s much more convenient for those who want to know more about what’s going on.

Wild Light: Darkest Isles Release Date

Wild Light: Darkest Isles has a somewhat interesting development history. The first mention of online gambling comes from the official Twitter account in 2017, but at the time, the game had apparently been in development for four years. Then they launched a Kickstarter in October of the same year, which failed to raise enough money to be successfully funded.

Despite this, the developers continued to plug into the game between 2017 and 2021. These days, the Steam news section and Twitter pages are still relatively quiet, but luckily a release date has been revealed. On the official Steam page, the developers listed the release date as Q3 2022.

Wild Light: Darkest Isles Trailer

Since the developer has been pretty quiet for the past few years, we don’t know much about the gameplay. Luckily, about 4 years ago, the developers showed off some of the gameplay you’ll experience in Wilf Light: Darkest Isles. So far it mostly feels like a mix of Titan Souls and Minecraft/Terraria.

During the day, you must collect resources and build defenses to protect yourself during the night. As you can probably expect, during the night segments you are attacked by various monsters and animals and must protect yourself using soul-like stamina management fights. There are also different classes to try out as well as several different areas to build your base.

Obviously, given that it’s been so long since the last trailer, the game could have changed a lot since then. Still, the trailer can give some insight, so check it out below if you’re interested.

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